Double Fold Blessing To all who want it.

Blessing to all who visit this Blog.Over The Next 14 days who ever visit this blog Prophetic Voice Of Yahweh Ministry  and Donates 15-25-50 Dollar's what ever God place on your heart to Give.God will (Double fold 100x100x100x100x100x100x100 times) (seven ) sayeth the lord. This is what  Yahweh has told me to do. For three- to four days. I have been hearing him tell me this. So I just say ok never type it on this blog , since then every day he has told me to do this even today so Now I am. Also I have three books left out of like 50 something .I will send to the first three who donate between this evening and tomorrow morning.I will mail to you. Also I have a PDF book in my files. I will email it to all who Donate .It is the only one PDfFever Publish and I have it.Yahweh his led me to do this for all who donate in next 14 day;s From (Dec 24th 2013 to Jan.7 2014)