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Friday, May 24, 2019

A Call To The Mocker

A Call To The Mocker Prophet Neil
 A Call To The Mockers     In this day I am calling out to the mockers, for you have not been satisfied with the things in this world. The deceptions of your hearts will be laid bare, and you will see and you will begin to know. I will assist you. I will help you. I will expose the lies you have believed, and I will expose your task masters for who they are. The deception before your eyes will fall, the blindfold will be removed, and you will see plainly and clearly. (1)  I will form you and fashion you to be effective mouthpieces. I will make you to be righteous, worthy trumpets to sound the alarm and help spread the word of the good news.
 You will tell many of my love and you will be my messengers to spread the truth. You will win the hearts of many in days soon coming. Even though you once mocked me, I will transform you to be such pure vessels to carry my word and make my name known. (2) You have been equipped with critical minds not be easily satisfied, and because of this you will be excellent and articulate in sharing the messages I will give you to share. From the rooftops and mountain tops you will proclaim the goodness of my glory, and you will be so mighty in battle as you pull down strongholds and demolish lies in the hearts of many on this Earth.
 Your focus and zeal will be increased, and the sharpness of your mind will be used to as a weapon of righteousness. My spirit of power and strength will manifest through you as you go into the streets and the highways and by-ways and win souls. I will make you fishers of men in these days, and your reward will be great. I will bless the work of your hand and I will bless the fruit of your labor. (3) These are my good plans and desires for those who are currently mockers, for those who mock me today, for I desire to call you away, and bring your heart close to mine.
 (1) 2 Peter 3:3, Hebrews 4:13, Psalm 119:18
(2) Joel 2:1, Mark 16:15, Romans 10:15
(3) Revelation 3:19, Romans 12:11, John 4:34, Matthew 4:19, Ephesians 6:8

Sunday, May 12, 2019


WITCHCRAFT LANGUAGE PRAYER BE BLESS Abba Yah I cover myself in the blood of Yahshuah and I put on the full armor of the Living God. The helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, my feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, the sword of the spirit and the shield of faith. I bind up anything that is trying to interfere with this prayer. Any witches, workers of iniquity or anyone else, I bind them up and send the Angels from the 3rd Heaven with the fiery swords and I ask You , to allow Arch Angel Gabriel or Michael to oversee this in Yahshuah's name, and I cover us all who are truly of You with the blood of Yahshuah. I renounce and break all witchcraft language that has been in my life and I cancel it and void it out with the blood of Yahshuah. I revoke with the blood of Yahshuah and nullify with the blood of Yahshuah all witchcraft I have been taught and brainwashed with from a child or birth, or in my mother's womb or anyone that spoke over my mother's womb or into my mother's womb any witchcraft language. I cancel, null and void it out with the blood of Yahshuah. I also cancel and void out with the blood of Yahshuah all curse from when I was a child and did Spelling Bees, when I learnt to write with a pencil a and a pen. When I learnt how to write I was writing rites of rituals and I also cancel out the deity called gramma which is over grammar in Yahshuah's name. Father I am not a witch. I am not a worker of iniquity nor am I a worker of evil or a worker of iniquity of lucifer satan, nor a sorcerer or warlock or wizard or an occultic person or satanic worker or anything of the enemy. I am a worker of You. A child of the Divine Light of You and Divine Love of You and Your kingdom in Yahshuah's name. In the name of Yahshuah, Abba Yahuah, I ask You to erase and nullify and void out with the blood of Yahshuah every evil word, every witchcraft word that was ever spoke over me or out of me. Break those words and rebuke them, cancel them and revoke them with the blood of Yahshuah. And cancel and revoke the effects and manifestations of their words, I break it and cancel it with the blood of Yahshuah. Abba please do these things for me, please break these words off me and their effects with the blood of Yahshuah. In the name of Yahshuah, every curse , spell ever spoken over myself , out of myself or over my family members or children or anyone else, or anyone that has spoken anything over me, I renounce the curse, I renounce the spell, I break and revoke and cancel , null and void it out with the blood of Yahshuah. Nothing is to die for but Yahshuah, You and the Holy Spirit. Father every witchcraft language, slogan or symbol of witches sayings, mediums or psychic or pagan or the grammer god language, I cancel, erase and nullify and revoke it with the blood of Yahshuah and break all words and curses of witchcraft words spoken over me, unknown, for me and my family, I cancel the effects and manifestations. Cancelled in the blood of Yahshuah and I seal this prayer in the blood of Yahshuah.

Saturday, May 11, 2019