Friday, September 26, 2014

Erin M. Bullock12:43pm Sep 22
I wrote this for the poetry challenge,                                                   but it fits here, too.


Faltering words mouthed in dark rooms,
I quiver on knees and ignore their ache.
I whisper prayers to a shining moon,
A desperate plea: am I too late?

My star faded long ago, banished in the dark.
Selfish plans took your place in me,
While bitterness poisoned my heart.
My prayers fall short of your glory.

Now I return, but I've seen the truth
Of what lurks beneath my skin.
A soul fickle pleasures too easily woo
Away from your light within.

This prodigal daughter has tasted pain
And the consequences of her fall.
Turned from truth by selfish gain,
When the novelty faded, I lost all.

I kneel, Lord, broken before you.
I can't face my struggle alone.
I whisper prayers in this silent room.
Father, can I still come home?