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New Teaching Two Basic Types of Spiritual Warfare People

Two Basic Types of Spiritual Warfare People

This section is not to cause people to “take offense”.  It is meant to educated and motivate.  If you read the articles on Tribulation-Now, you will realize that I always have something to equally offend everyone.  I am JESUS centric, take no money from anyone, and have no bias or ulterior motives at ALL.

Matt 10:34-35Matt 10:34-35
English: King James Version (1611) - KJV
34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 

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“Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.

I do not pretend to be an expert on any of this material because I am NOT.  However I wasn’t born yesterday, and I have been around this stuff all my life and have seen all sides of this problem.

Those Who “Think” They Know What They’re Doing

This is a tricky over-simplified category.  It includes those who are led by the Lord but don’t fully understand parts of the Bible but are successful with what they are doing.  The problem is that they have to work too hard at it.  It also includes well meaning people, who are completely fooled by the organization that they have been trained by.

First there are real born-again Christians who do spiritual warfare and are fabulous blessed people who will pass the Great White Throne of Judgement with a “Job Well Done!”  These people will certainly out-rank me in the New Millennium as will many pastors that “saved people” that ultimately became great Christians with a relationship with Jesus.

These Christians are awesome.  They lack some important understanding and arguably don’t have some of the necessary Gifts of the Holy Spirit (all of us lack some of those … keep praying!), but they are effective!  PRAISE JESUS.  The side effect of what they lack makes them struggle much harder to accomplish their goals.  They get the “crap” kicked out of them regularly.  They get “sick” from demonic attacks of retribution, often.  They are to be LAUDED!  Praise Jesus for these awesome warriors.

These folks include the Catholic Priest variety of “exorcist” such as Father Malachi Martin and others.  Unfortunately the demons know that the Roman Catholic priest-hood is part of their basic collective fraternity.  So this dynamic is utterly fascinating.  The demons will usually “obey” the Catholic exorcist and “play ball” eventually, but not until they have done much damage and made on heck of a reputation for themselves.  The priests are often killed in the more powerful possession / exorcist events.  Families are destroyed and the victims remain sinners and are often “re-possessed” by the same demons.

Those Who DO Know What They’re Doing

Then you have the Curry Blake / David Hogan types.  These people are DANGEROUS to demons and have a complete understanding of DOMINION.  I have Curry Blake’s teaching on Dominion and is the first part of his Spiritual Warfare training DVDs.  He is “scary” accurate and will wake you up to what the Bible REALLY says about “who you are” as a Christian and what you can accomplish if you understand your “spiritual authority” in the “Kingdom of Heaven”.

Did it ever make you wonder why Jesus told people to “GO, preach, The Kingdom of Heaven is at HAND”?  And then Jesus said to Cast out Devils and then Heal the Sick … IN THAT ORDER?

First you have to understand this ORDER OF TASKS you have been commanded to do!

GO – You have to be willing to go and do what Jesus said to do, with NO FEAR, “Just Do It”
PREACH – The Word of God is POWERFUL.  You need to know what scriptures to read and what to say.
THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND – Wait!  Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?  Hey …. its at HAND … get it?  Do you?  You TELL the Demons that the Kingdom of Heaven is INSIDE OF YOU.  The POWER is in your HANDS…. are you connecting the dots here?  But you MUST believe it.  There is no room for doubt.  The enemy will sense your “unbelief” and you can get yourself in trouble here.
CAST OUT DEVILS – Devils cause the vast majority (not all) of sicknesses and disease.  After you scare the heck out of them with your AUTHORITY and God given “right” to take dominion and cast them into the “abyss”, you tell them to GO NOW!  LEAVE! … and NEVER COME BACK, in JESUS NAME.  Also you should command the spirit of FEAR to leave also.  Get all of them out of there.  You don’t need to call them by name, they know who they are.
COMMAND THEIR BODY TO HEAL – Then you COMMAND them to be HEALED in the NAME OF JESUS.  You COMMAND their bodies to heal. You do it in the Name of JESUS.
And finally you get that person SAVED.  You have them accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and you pray that the Holy Spirit enter their body and fill the “void” or the “gap” left by the demons.  This is why Jesus would say “… now go and sin no more”.  This is not a requirement for them to receive the healing but if you don’t do it they can get the sickness back because they enter into sin immediately thereafter and don’t have the necessary protection or education to “overcome”.
Protecting Your Home, Children, and Yourself

The key is “consecration”.  Look the word up.  Go to your local Christian supply store and get yourself some anointing oil.  OIL.  You can also get regular oil from the store but at least get “olive oil”.  Pray over the oil.

“Heavenly Father, in the NAME OF JESUS, I ask you to bless this oil.  In Jesus name, Lord, bless this oil with your Holy Spirit” – Amen

After the oil is blessed, you can put a dab of oil on the four corners of your property, above the door of your house, and some people even put a dab of it above each of the windows of your house.  Its up to you.  I think the four corners of your property and the door is sufficient.  Remember this isn’t weather proofing this is symbolic to God and it affords you protection from the demonic realm.

You can also put a dab of it on your children’s foreheads.  You can also do the same thing for yourself.  After you put a dab of the oil in each location you pray the following prayer:

“Heavenly Father, in the NAME OF JESUS, I ask you to CONSECRATE this (child, property, home, me) to your Son Jesus Christ.  Father God, In JESUS NAME, I commit this (insert object / person here) to you, and YOU now OWN THIS for your work.  This is your (insert object / person here) and I ask for your Holy Spirit and its divine protection in Jesus Name”

Last but not lease, chase “them” out of your house.  Get them OUT.  Go into your house and COMMAND that ANYTHING THAT CANNOT CALL JESUS CHRIST IT’S LORD AND SAVIOR TO LEAVE IN JESUS NAME!

Then turn up the




(they hate that)

General Types of People Affected by Demons

Common Man

Doesn’t know they exist. They influence many of their thoughts through the subconscious. As long as the common man is going straight to hell and he doesn’t “step out of line” they will basically leave him alone. Demons reside “within” these individuals and many of these people are “claimed Christians”. These people can be technically “saved” by traditional christian standards. These people do not have a true “relationship” with Jesus and have no concept of “praise”. Their salvation “may” be in question … I don’t know – only the Lord does.

Common Man that Opens Doors

These folks play with Ouija boards, dabble in astrology or tarot cards, get into the UFO deal too much, hang out with the wrong people too much, basically they commit what the Lord would refer to as “abominations” of different types. What they do might be as simple as practice “New Age” (familiar spirits), acupuncture or just Yoga and they “empty” their mind too much allowing the demonic to enter them (never empty your mind, fill it with the Holy Spirit with praise and focusing on Jesus)

They can also be members of other “religions” that are occult in nature. Hindu, Scientology, the list is huge. These people almost certainly are “hosts” to demons without necessarily realizing it. The demons these people host range anywhere from innocuous to “really powerful”. These people can become fully possessed and do the Linda Blair “exorcist” deal. They often don’t see it coming.

Practicing Occultists

These people range from “other religions” to Wiccan, and even up the chain to the full Brotherhood. White magick, Black magick, upper levels of Masonry, Rosicruicians, Ordo Templi Orientis, and “Order” of anything (the word “Order” is key). Any organization that uses the word “The Knights of….(this or that)”. The list is huge. The term “Grand Master etc.” These people range anywhere from “clueless pawns” to the upper levels which actively “INVITE” very powerful demons to live inside of them.  Some can actually stop bullets in mid flight.  They can be extremely dangerous.

Major government leaders and congressmen become “perfectly possessed” and cannot be saved because they are now completely owned by the reptilian demon variety.  They are doomed.  Keep away!

Their goal is to “invite” the most powerful demons into them which gives them “power”. This power ranges from “telepathy” and spiritual “teletransportation” (relocation of their bodies through the demonic “ether” to other places), to actually being able to place “curses” and diseases on people and cause death. Many of these people like to work in hospitals so they get opportunities to “push” people into death and “steal” their souls for Satan as they die. Unexplained comas, etc. can often be the result.

They are protected by upper levels of “Law Enforcement” and “Government Officials”. MOST high level government jobs with any real power are part of the “good old boys” Brotherhood cults. They protect each other and “sweep” the evidence of their activities “under the rug”. They are very well funded and have tons of money. These people are extremely plentiful and it is highly likely they have at least one of their members active in your church.

They like to infiltrate the Christian churches and get on the boards. They can “speak in tongues” demonically. They are extremely friendly and “charismatic”. Christians are very gullible and they “don’t read their Bibles” and they follow friendly charismatic people around like they are “wonderful”. Our churches are heavily infiltrated. John Todd, an Illuminist turned Christian, testifies that he was part of a regional Illuminati “Council of 13″ and he was given tens of millions of dollars to help establish the “Charismatic” movement. I used to consider myself to be “Charismatic” back in the 70’s when Todd was still with the Illuminati.

The only way to know if a demon is what you are actually dealing is by testing them by the following scripture
(Thank You Brother Steve W)

1 John 4:2
2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God
Note: “They” must say it with their own “mouth”.  You cannot ask them because they will lie.
Born Again Christians

Non-practicing. Arguably “predestined by God”. Backslidden. Not praising. Vulnerable. Used to have a relationship with Jesus but let it “slide”. Susceptible to being “hosts” to weaker demons BUT highly unlikely they would become “possessed”. Strong demons avoid them for the most part because they are “technically cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb”. Are constantly slammed and battered by the demonic forces mostly surrounding them. Get into “drugs”, heavy drinkers, “party people”, “sex addicts”, heavy metal rock and rollers, the gamut.

Eventually the Lord will jump in and push them over hard and they will fall down and hit rock bottom. This usually results in an “awakening”. They victoriously return to the Lord and become people with great testimonies.

(sorry, got tears in my eyes … this one hit home with me)

Strong Holy Spirit Filled Born Again Christians

Still susceptible to being “battered” by external demons. Demons are constantly tempting these people to put them in a position of vulnerability. Some of them do not PRAISE ENOUGH. This absence of “praise” keeps them perpetually vulnerable to temptation. The hope of the demonic world is to push them into a “backslidden” state and hold them there.

Constant Praise is the Force Field that Keeps them AWAY
Praise is like “Bug Repellent” to these “Things”
They hate PRAISE

Summary of Why Born Again Christians Remain Targets

It is my belief, if “they” (the demons) are successful at holding the “Born Again Christian” in a state of “backslidden” condition and the Lord comes, it is possible this Christian might “miss the boat”. Otherwise WHY would the demons bother with them? This also explains Galatians 5:19 where Paul is explaining to other Born Again Christians that if they behave in certain ways they will not “Inherit” the Kingdom of Heaven.

Be Careful here. The principle of “Inheritance” implies MUCH and I recommend you study it. Look for articles on Tribulation-Now that have “Inheritance” in their title. Inheritance implies that you still make it into Heaven but your “Inheritance” is affected by the “fruit” that you bear or do not bear. This is determined at the Great White Throne of Judgement. This is where Jesus tests your “fruit” with “fire”. What this “fruit” actually is … I don’t know. But it is highly possible what you do on “behalf of our KING” is extremely important to determine what your “role” will be in the New Millennium.

Many believe that some pastors will not bear much fruit because they think an altar call is all that’s required. We are to make “disciples” for Jesus and get people to establish relationships with Jesus so they can “overcome”.  Planting “seeds” and “bearing fruit” are two completely different things. Remember, its not JUST about making it into heaven. Its also about your “rank” once you make it into heaven. And we still have the “Millennium” to get through.  Get it?

Hey … There’s That Music in My Head Again!
(There goes that music in my head again… “Our God is an Awesome God, he Reigns from Heaven Above, with Wisdom, Power and Love, Our God is an Awesome God)

Now WHY did that song start playing in my head JUST at the time I finished writing that last paragraph on the Great White Throne?

Why? It’s coming in loud and clear right now. If it wasn’t 5:45 AM on a Saturday morning I would turn that song up loud in my office an start praising Yahweh!

I love you Yahweh.