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list of famous people alive and dead in illunati and it is a proven fact

Who Is Who, And To Whom They Sold Their Souls
Compiled By: Louis Turner

"The ancient Greeks built a wooden horse and the poor old Trojans couldn't overcome their curiosity. I'm gonna build a Golden Hammer, and see how many Socialists I can force into the slammer" - Louis Turner

George Bush - Skull & Bones, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, Illuminati , Skull & Bones

Bill Clinton - Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission, CFR

Saddam Hussein - 33° Freemason

King Hussein - 33° Freemason

Tony Blair - 33° Freemason

Gerhard Schroeder - 33° Freemason

Benjamin Netanyahu - 33° Freemason

Yasser Arafat - 33° Freemason

Ronald Reagan - 33° Freemason (on sight), Knights of Malta,
Rosicrucian Order

Michail Gorbatjov - 33° Freemason

Helmut Kohl - Committee of 300

Shimon Peres - 33° Freemason

Francois Mitterand - 33° Freemason (Grand Orient Lodge)

Yitzak Rabin - 33° Freemason

Willy Brandt - Committee of 300

Gerald Ford (frm President USA) - 33° Freemason

Karl Marx - (Grand Orient Lodge)

Frederick Engels - (Grand Orient Lodge)

Franklin D. Roosevelt - (32 or 33° Freemason)

Sir Winston Churchill - 33° Freemason (but Resigned from the English Lodge!) Member of the Druid Order

Harry S. Truman - 33° Freemason

Neville Chamberlain - (Committee of 300)

Vladimir Lenin - Illuminati (Grand Orient Lodge)

Joseph Stalin - Illuminati (Grand Orient Lodge)

Leon Trotsky - (Grand Orient Lodge)

Henry Kissinger - (Committee of 300, P2 Freemasonry, Knights of Malta,

J. Edgar Hoover - 33° Freemason

Cecil Rhodes - 33° Freemason

Aleister Crowley - Grandmaster Ordo Templi Orientis

Walt Disney - 33° Freemason

Olof Palme - Committee of 300, Bilderberger

Al Gore - 33º Freemason

TONY BLAIR - 33° Freemason, Bilderberger

Josef Mengele (Dr. Green) - Illuminati Implanter

Robert McNamara - 33° Freemason (at least)

Pehr G. Gyllenhammar (from Volvo) - Committee of 300

Percy Barnevik (ABB Sweden) - Committee of 300

Col. James "Bo" Gritz - 33° Freemason

Billy Graham - 33° Freemason

John Glenn (33° Freemason)

Buzz Aldrin (33° Freemason)

Virgil I. Grissom (Freemason)

Edgar D. Mitchell (Freemason)

Plato (Illuminati)

Francis Bacon (Freemason, Rosicrucian Grand Master)

Lord David Owen - (Royal Institute of Int. Affairs, Committee of 300)

Lord Peter Carrington - (Committee of 300, Bilderberger)

Richard Holbrooke - (33° Freemason, Committee of 300)

Jimmy Carter - (Tril. Comm., CFR)

Carl Bildt - (Bilderberger)

David Rockefeller - Czar of the Illuminati

Edmund de Rothschild - Illuminati

Alan Greenspan - Federal reserve Bank (Committe of 300)

Peter Wallenberg - S-E Bank of Sweden (Committee of 300)

Queen Elisabeth II - Queen of the Committee of 300

Prince Phillip - 33° Freemason, Committee of 300

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands - Committee of 300 (Bilderberger)

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands - Committee of 300 (Bilderberger)

King Carl XVI Gustaf - (Bilderberger)

Prince Bertil - (Grande Orient Lodge of Freemasonry)

Illuminati Members John Jacob Astor
McGeorge Bundy
Andrew Carnegie
Walter Freeman
W. Averell Harriman
Ted Kennedy
John D. Rockefeller Sr.
David Rockefeller
Lee Teng-hui
Baron Guy de Rothschild
Hillary Clinton - (6° Grand Dame)
Albert Pike - (founder of Ku Klux Klan)
Sam & Edgar Bronfman Jr. - (Seagram Whiskey)

David, Nelson, Winthrop, Laurence, John D. III

Lord J. Rothschild
Bertrand Russell (scientist)
Otto of Habsburg
George W. Bush Jr. - Illuminati , Skull & Bones
Irenee du Pont, Illuminati
Adam Weishaupt Founder of the Bavarian Illuminati