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Earthing—Amazing Healing Power Beneath Your Feet

Here’s the story: Throughout evolution humans walked barefoot and slept on the ground, largely oblivious to the fact that the Earth’s surface contains limitless healing energy. Science has now discovered that this energy promotes health, harmonizes and stabilizes the body’s basic biological rhythms, and neutralizes inflammation.
I have had the good fortune to be part of the emerging Earthing research that strongly suggests that the biggest anti-inflammatory on the planet is—get this!—the very planet itself. Basically, we live on a global treatment table! Earth’s surface energy takes the form of a virtually unlimited reservoir of free electrons, subatomic particles absorbed up into your body when you make direct physical contact with the ground. Inside your body, these electrons appear to stop the rampage of destructive free radicals at the basis of chronic pain and inflammation. The hypothesis is that this effect takes place as negative-charged electrons—like reinforcements rushing into battle—overwhelm and neutralize positive-charged free radicals.
Medically, this is a big deal! In recent years, inflammation has been recognized as the leading trigger of chronic pain and most major health disorders, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and autoimmune disorders. Bodies are on fire. Earthing seems to put the flames out, as is witnessed by doctors who have seen remarkable changes in patients and in themselves, and by dramatic reports of people whose lives of pain, disability, and illness have been turned around.
Earth’s energy also optimizes the way your physiology functions by providing a stable signal to the body’s intricate electrical circuitry similar to the way all electrical systems are grounded and stabilized by connecting them to the Earth. All living beings—humans, included—are bioelectrical in nature. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and countless electrical circuits that run at certain frequencies. Think of your nervous system, brain, and heart as prime examples of biological electrical systems. The connection with the Earth restores a natural and evolutionary source of energy and electrical balance to your body.
Restored from what? From a seemingly unnatural and destabilizing electrical state of physiology that you and I have lived with throughout our lives. Modern lifestyle, including the widespread use of insulative rubber and plastic soled shoes, has disconnected us from this energy and, of course, we no longer sleep on the ground as we did in times past. This physical disconnect from the Earth creates abnormal physiology and contributes to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, and poor sleep. Reconnecting to the Earth relieves symptoms and often eliminates them, sometimes rapidly and other times gradually. Recovery from surgery, injury, and extreme athletic performance is accelerated. People sleep better. They are more energized. I have personally experienced these benefits myself by routinely sleeping grounded and by walking barefoot outdoors as often as I can.
I see Earthing as a profoundly simple, practical, effective, and cost-cutting way to combat common illnesses and pain problems, and make people healthier. In my own field of cardiology, Earthing has great promise for improving arrhythmias, blood pressure, circulation, and the vital pumping activity of the heart. I recently participated in a pilot study on the electrodynamics (zeta potential) of blood cells that indicates Earthing significantly improves viscosity (blood thickness) and flow. The study opens up a whole new frontier for further investigation. Another study I was involved in showed how Earthing contributes to a de-stressing and balancing effect on the nervous system.
It’s fascinating to think of the Earth as a medically-significant and natural blood thinner, tranquilizer, and anti-inflammatory. I fully expect many more benefits to emerge with ongoing research.
The revelations about our planet’s unseen healing power, and how you can easily harness it for your personal wellbeing, are the subject of a new book—entitled Earthing— that I am proud to have co-authored. You’ll be hearing a lot about Earthing in the coming months because I expect the book to ignite a major media buzz.
The book unfolds striking scientific evidence of significant physiological shifts that should put a smile on any doctor’s face—positive changes in the direction of a dynamically revitalized and healthier functioning body. The changes start the moment you place your bare feet on the ground or make use of conductive Earthing systems (bed sheets, floor and desk pads) that deliver the Earth’s energy inside—into your home and office. The book describes these systems in detail.
The potential benefits on the brain, heart, muscles, immune and nervous systems—and in turn the whole body and the aging process—are massive. Just like sunlight provides us with vitamin D, the Earth provides us with another essential ingredient. Call it vitamin G—G for ground.

earthing at a Glance

What is it?
The surface of the Earth teems with natural, subtle electrical energy. Earthing refers to the discovery of significant health benefits resulting from contact with this energy by walking barefoot outside, as humans have done throughout history, or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the energy from the ground into the body. You are not in any sense being electrocuted. Earthing is among the most natural and safest things you can do. For more than ten years, thousands of people around the world—men, women, children, and athletes—have incorporated Earthing into their daily routines. The results have been documented and they are extraordinary.
What happens?
Your body receives an electric signal from the Earth that normalizes and stabilizes its many biological systems and mechanisms. At the same time it becomes suffused with negative-charged free electrons that are omnipresent on the surface of the Earth. Your body immediately equalizes to the same electric energy level, or potential, as the Earth.
What do you feel?
Think of a time you walked along a sandy beach or on a grassy field glistening with the morning dew. You may have felt a warm, tingling sensation and feelings of ease and well-being. That’s the Earth’s electrical energy rising into your body.
What does it do?
Defuses the cause of inflammation, and improves or eliminates the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders.
  • Reduces or eliminates chronic pain.
  • Improves sleep in most cases.
  • Increases energy.
  • Lowers stress and promotes calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones.
  • Normalizes the body’s biological rhythms.
  • Thins blood, and improves blood pressure and flow.
  • Relieves muscle tension and headaches.
  • Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms.
  • Dramatically speeds healing and helps prevent bedsores.
  • Reduces or eliminates jet lag.
  • Protects the body against potentially health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
  • Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity.
how to earth yourself
The first thing to do is educate yourself about this amazing natural phenomenon right beneath your feet. Earthing, the book I co-authored with Clint Ober, who discovered Earthing, and veteran health writer Martin Zucker, tells the whole mesmerizing story with a blend of scientific research and powerful personal testimonies from patients, doctors, and athletes. The book is available through the publisher at or through any commercial book vendor. The book, and Earthing systems for house and office, can also be obtained at Optimum Health ( or call 800-228-1507). More information on Earthing, including detailed research papers, are posted at
For now, go barefoot where weather and conditions allow. Forty minutes a day can make a difference on your pain level. Grass, sand, dirt, and concrete, as well as bodies of water, are conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the Earth’s electrons. Wood, asphalt, and vinyl are not conductive. If going barefoot outside isn’t in the cards at this time of the year, a warm basement with a concrete floor will also work well. Sit there and read or relax, with your bare feet on the floor.