Hitler Was A Rothschild And So Was His Daughter Angela

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Forum Link Although Not Personally A Subscriber  To Shape Shifting Were there indeed 150,000 Jewish officers in the Reich army and were Goebbels and others Jewish themselves? 5 major Jewish generals? In fact the children of Goebbels hold large stakes in BMW in Germany and are quite wealthy. In Namibia for instance skulls were sent back to Germany for scientific research and are still in the Medical History Museum of the Charite Hospital and at Freiburg University. A leading doctor in Namibia who worked on German genetic doctrine was a doctor Fisher, Who trained doctor Mengele. The first German governor of the colony was the father of Hitler’s deputy Herman Goering who also springs from a Jewish family. It all goes back to Disraeli who called for the unification of the German and Khazar elite to rule the world as mentioned in other places in this post.
Things are moving along splendidly in this direction in the U.K. Updated: 3-13-2015
Updated: Castro the gay jewish jesuit
Brotherhood Of The Bell-Enslavement Using The Sexual Energy
Angela Merkel Hitler’s Daughter-The secret Stasi Files And Artificial Insemination
https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/bush-rothschild-and-the-rockefellers-finance-hitler-through-the-netherlands-after-the-benelux-treaty/ The Naked Ape
Updated 8-14-2014 So You Still Don’t Believe Hitler Escaped The Bunker And Merkel Is His Daughter There is that triangle again, Angela and Pop Hitler both us it Merk and Daddy https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/the-nazi-fan-club-seems-strangely-subdued-when-it-comes-to-the-ukraine-bandera-alliance-with-judaism/
You are a child of destiny Angie, someday you too will unleash Molech on the Goyim


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La judía Merkel, espía hija del espía mkultra Hitler Rothschild

I don’t know what to make of the bald spot, perhaps it represents masonic black and white tiles? Perhaps a poor hair dresser?