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Sunday, December 15, 2013

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I just wanted to share my comments on YouTube Also a prophet friend of mines. As I have given this word many times now from Yahweh my self. New York,& the Freedom Tower in place of  Of 911 Towers and California , Texas And Georgia.. Yahweh draw lines in the sand on those states .Something is coming and it is  So pray for them. Yahweh  Gave me a word Call heed the warning America. And a warning for the church  Please listen to it  is on my blog. For it will began to come to pass very. very. very, soon. Theses comment  please take them to heart .Also  Yahweh Sayeth pray I have spoke this before from Yahweh pray and ask where your Ark is like Noah had .If  You are his true child .If you are not please pray the salvation prayer on this blog Ministry site.
Rosalind solomon
1 second ago

Also I have sayeth this from Yahweh in Video's and it is in the written prophesy on this site. Pray for the towers and Chicago for attack will come on there horizon. Also on that written prophesy. You will see I have name some Mega Pastor over Mega Churches. That is to name a few. Shall fall soon sayeth the lord. And Pray For President Obama and Oprah Winfrey

As for the poor .they will be first in heaven and the rich will be last the ones that makes it. For the poor is the kingdom of God. So we must help them. Not just money wise food or clothes and so fourth .Yahweh also saying spiritually as well. Cause many are poor in the spirit as well. So we must do both. Wow Annie that was one of the word in My video about America I did Friday. (And this is for your listener to note this). When you don't help someone .When they are  in need spiritually or money wise or food and so fourth and are in error of sin and you don't rebuke and correct them as it says in the bible we are t o do Judging  righteously only. You will carry that person acct all the way to heaven and on Judgment day you will be weight by the measure of it. And if it does not stand up in the fire you will be toss inn to hell fire. If you do as Yahweh has ask of us and obey him and do theses things .then there account will be store back on to them.. And on Judgment day you will not ware it nor carry it nor be judge by it. And chances are deepening on all measure you carry that day. Your stuff will stand in the fire and you will see Yahuveh Abba the Father Amen in Yahweh name

Yes that was Yahweh. I have seen him five times and when he came and restructure my heart. I was about to die. He came down in a room with me and their where other there to ,we all saw him and felt him. Yahweh is always in white and beauty beyond measures. I just uploaded two new video on my new channel about, How he was going to bring down some churches. And a heeded warning to America Far as Joel Olsten ,Td jakes ,Paula white ,Anita Bryum .Benny Hinn  ,Oral Roberts Jr. Michael Murdock and a few more .Even  Oprah Winfrey Yahweh sayeth she will die like Princess Dianna if she does not repent she was meant to be who she is .However she is suppose to bring soul to Yahweh not satan with her new age stuff. So pray for all them before it is to late for them .Yahweh told me they are  all going to topple by his hand. It is on my written word on my blog under written prophesy. I did video's Friday ,He gave me the words for America and the church  on Thursday. USA is full of demonic feces sayeth Yahweh and the stink in heaven is beyond measure. Also half of the east coast will be gone by that tsunami  that is in the written prophesy Yahweh gave me on my blog. million will die and California will have a 12.0 or better Earth quake. And Washington dc Seattle and Chicago will be attack .military style  and Kenya will have plagues many will die. Also sill pray for the President the lord just told me again He will have a assignation attempt  soon on his life .Like being shoot it will really come from with in his government however they will have a fall guy .Like  they did with JFK And three weeks ago God sayeth china will attack and so they will .And not to trust Russia . Annie I love you ,you are a true Prophet of God the things he says to you he says to me and other true prophets of God. .So who ever attacks you woe on to them and I pray mercy for them. In Yahweh name.