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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Warning Prophesy From God.

(Feb 6th Word from the Lord ) (Vision is for the appointed time though it tarry wait for it, it shall surely come to pass sayeth the Lord )President &Government are dead in the water,They will be flooded taken over by the hand of God if they do not stop and flow in his Godly river wave sayeth the lord..The President Is powerless ,cause he does not act in the will of God. Sayeth the lord. God says like it says in his word Zechariah 14-1-3 All Nation's will turn against Israel and so they shall and all that do I shall turn against them. ,including the USA sayeth the lord. The lord sayeth that the USA will turn against Israel and cut them off . So shall USA be cut off.                                                                                                                                                                                                         They will divide my land my inheritance so shall I divide there land sayeth the lord. All the threats too. with Israel will not come to past for I thy God will foil them all sayeth the lord. (However much will happen to Israel and all will feel the wrath of God because of it.) Pray Obama will turn to God and swim in God river up stream and turn things around for us and for it is not the appointed time for Peace Treaty sayeth the lord. It will be soon however not now. Who ever cares for Israel God will bless, who ever curse Israel God will curse. Man’s heart will fail them in theses last days sayeth the Lord. The lord sayeth we must pray this .Because Obama will give away our land to China ,China thinks its time we suffer we have been too free in there eyes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   They will strip USA naked down to nothing sayeth the lord. The world will rejoice when this happen . Scripture given for this part of the warning word. Revelation 3-10 China will move against USA through trade and jobs in USA moving to China .Russia will move against small countries . They will bring China soldier ,Russian Solider and Solider from another unknown land it is Africa. Worm wood is near sayeth the lord. When the Pope and Obama go to Israel ,Israel will give them the key to the Holy City . Then there will be a Blood moon .The heaven will open a trumpet will be played from Heaven it will blow. sayeth the lord. The filth of evil abomination will rise in Israel sayeth the lord Israel will then be divided .Stars will fall shorty after this time (this is God time)From the sky and burn on the Earth. the fallen Angels and demons will fall to the earth there hour shall be at hand sayeth the lord. Hell will be open wide shorty after (God Times )the fallen ones that have been lock up will be free to ,Rome the Earth..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A black Cloud will over take Israel the sky will parted in the Heaven. This will happen in a span of time after this is done, THE LORD SAYETH . The sun is moving closer to the earth and moon. People will begin to be scorch and burn from the flares of the sun. This is why rich people really build homes under ground .They have this information (secret society) they know what will come sayeth the lord. Also around this time other planet in the solar sprier will shift and move,out of alinement. Why do you think they trying to find a way to live on the moon. T hat shall not happen sayeth the lord. The milky way will burst too it will explode as well sayeth the lord. And many more animals will die from now and future sayeth the lord. We must Pray for repentance sayeth the Lord,pray for peaceful and Godly leadership in our Nation's sayeth the lord..Yahweh sayeth honor me I will honor you before my father. Honor me not therefor I shall not honor you before my father sayeth the lord. The Mississippi river will be flooded and Divided Also a Huge Earth Quake will hit near there it is by the new fault mart-re line.sayeth the lord.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   There will be a (Man )rising up to lead Israel  he will be of dark descend) , It will not be the (Anti Christ) people will think it is however it is not sayeth the lord. This man will cause much problem’s for them much distress and problem. (The Nation of Israel) This will cause other nation;s to stress. Israel will not like it nor take it sayeth the lord. All sword's that go against Israel will be cut by there own sword;s sayeth the lord. God will not allow the Land of Israel to be divided with out his Judgment falling on all those involve sayeth the lord. The USA must cry out to God,before it is to late.,the saints must stand up for what is right sayeth the lord. For you have not done so . You must cry out for Innocent blood that was shed and being shed. You must cry out to Lord to rid USA from the Idol worshiping among the Land. sayeth the lord. purified your self before me sayeth the lord. Help one another and the less fortunate for they are greater than you sayeth the lord..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         There are children of God ,who say Judgment shall not fall on our land USA , put oh it shall ,put oh it shall. You are my Brides my Priestley Hood sayeth the lord. Show who is in you ,fight for our Kingdom at hand sayeth the lord. Stop turning a blind eye for it shall cause your eye to become blind aka this mean you will eventually be able to see nothing put pour evil and no good because you did nothing put stand by and let it past sayeth the lord. Saints the days are near ,evil has and is rising fastly ever before you..Saint's rise and reach the people before there soul perish there account will be on you on Judgment day Praises me more and worship me more. Many prayers don’t get answer because you dont praise me and worship me in song sayeth the lord. I thy God is looking for hearts like Abraham had in his days and the faith he had .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I find few in numbers sayeth the lord. You must forgive as my father has forgiven you. You must love as my father loves and loved you when I shed my blood For you on the Cross. The Cross was once evil by the hand of the Roman;s. I made it clean by my blood. Sayeth the lord. My blood was pour out for all man kind .Don t you see my love for you California your land is dry very dried up Famine and drought shall take you over sayeth the Lord You must put down your Idol's from before me sayeth the lord..You pray to me for change for help and when your done you go back to your worldly ways sayeth the lord. You hold tight all your material possession you cling to them sayeth the lord. All you have will be taken away California.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cry out to me in the land and repent seek me for your salvation. Then I shall honor you before my father. If you do not woe on to you. and your land thus sayeth the lord. Pray for the Prophets of This Nations woe on to them there is no repentance for there lies to my sheep and being lover;s of one self and having a lustful heart for wealth and no repentance for the spirit of Greed thus sayeth the lord. Cry out for repentance for the prophets of this land..For there is no repentance I shall allow the earth to swallow them up in to the pit's of everlasting fire which burns under the heart of hell thus sayeth the lord.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Scripture Given Ezekiel Chp 13 whole one,,Jeremiah 31-10-14 ,Luke 21 whole Chp. , Leviticus 25-23-26 thus sayeth the lord..