Friday, May 23, 2014

This Ministry is under attack by human worker of satan this is a word from God for enemy who come and watch this blog and pray bad over it and my Ministry and attack me and lie on me and try to turn God sheet against me and close doors for me and this ministry also .Who are trying to stop this ministry and me a servant of God.You Have been warn stop and repent now. if you do not Yahuveh will deal with you in Yahweh name

Father in the All powerful name of the Lord Jesus where every knee shall bow and tongue shall confess that you are Lord! No weapon that is formed against your prophet shall prosper in the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. For vengeance is Mine and I will repay the wickedness of this mocker upon her own head! Touch not my anointed nor do my prophets no harm! Bless Rosalind one thousand-fold for the enemies audacious attempt to belittle your servant. Let her stand silent underneath your wings and watch you work your glory to exalt her ministry to new heights of your Shekinah glory, O Lord God Almighty! Amen and amen. 

Rosalind you are doing something right because the devil doesn't waste his time on nobodies in the world. Satan uses them for his devious purposes even if it's for a moment! Stand under the Sun of Righteousness and just watch Him burn your enemies to ashes (Malachi 4:1-3). 

Jesus said, Rejoice when people curse you for my names' sake for your reward shall be great in heaven! 

Harold Kirk Richardson