Thursday, August 21, 2014

Strategies to Defeat Marine Demons this is powerful and will most certainly defeat them be bless/.

Strategies to Defeat
Marine Demons  08-21-14
1. Worship (bow down) to the LORD that created the
seas. This is the opposite posture of arrogant sea entities
and is a rebuke to their pride (Psa. 95:1-6).
2. Praise him that created the seas. Praise is a weapon
against these sea entities. The new song is especially
powerful in releasing judgments against them (Psa.
3. Declare and decree God's authority over the waters
(Psa. 104:9).
4. Command the waters to praise Him who gathered them
together (Psa. 98:7-9).
5. Ask God to break the heads of the dragons in the waters
(Psa. 74:13, Isa. 27:1).
6. Ask God to awake and pierce Rahab (Isa. 51:9).
7. Blow shofars over the waters (this represents the voice
of God over the waters) (Psa. 29:3).
8. Sing songs concerning God's authority over the waters.
9. Use salt which represents cleansing and purification of
the waters.
10. Command the deeps to praise, command God's wonders
in the deep (Psa. 148:11, Psa. 107:24).