Monday, October 13, 2014

God Gvae Prohet Zachuray This Today 10-13-14

Message: Children it is time for this preparation phase to come to a close, the ark is soon to shut but first must come My final call. This shall usher in a grand harvest of many souls. I will show MANY that I AM the I AM. Lean on Me more as these calamities and signs in your earth become wide spread. This is a sign of the birthing of the sons and daughters of God. This is a time of favor for My Bride and chastening for those who reject Me. he being the enemy knows his time is short, let him cower at My uprising. Remind him of his defeat and resist him through full surrender to Me. Your flesh is weak so surrender to My Spirit, He shall guide you through the darts thrown. Now is MY revival, now is My chastening, there is a sign in the heavens that shall change many and correct multitudes. Be at peace My Bride for when you see these things know that it is time to commence the grand harvest. Be prepared and willing for this will be a time no man has seen. Thank you My son for your obedience in these trials as well as My finishing touches upon you. This will be a time of great joy for you and My children. I cherish you all more than the sands in the sea. Leave all that worries you in My hands and soak in the peace that never ends.