Thursday, October 23, 2014

List of CURRENT events happening now at this time!!

List of CURRENT events happening now at this time!!
1. Global money collapse
2. Global super-currency being made
3. US money collapse / Feds buy US Treasury Bonds / China pulled out
4. Soldiers / US Military& NATO Presence in US Country Right Now / NorthCOM in place
5. Laws in Place Eliminating all Civil Rights (Executive Orders 9-51)
6. Guns ownership and Ammo Purchase tracking
7. Police merged with Homeland Security / Fusion Centers / Practicing civilian control / Door to door urban warfare
8. DoD Civil Expeditionary Workforce / Mandatory Govt Service In place (DoD Directive 1404.10)
9. FEMA concentration camps in place and staffed with Guards
10. FEMA transport trains mfg'd and ready to transport people
11. FEMA coffins mft'g and stored (multi-purpose cremation container for cadaver)
12. Marshal Law President Signature away
13. Identify the Civil Rights protesters, anyone rebelling, spreading "propaganda" as "terrorists" (see MIAC report)
14. Food control in place - HR 875 Personal Gardens Illegal / FDA SWAT teams already after Amish & private gardens etc. Events pending:
15. Announcement of US Bankruptsy
16. Civil disobedience (promulgated / staged) -> Camps
17. Another promulgated "Terrorist Attack" -> Camps
18. Full National Marshal Law Instituted Likely Subsequent Events (happen soon afterward or at same time):
19. People disappearing, e.g. taken to camps (Extraordinary Rendition) - Some Christians will think Rapture!
20. Controversial Talk Show Hosts (not mainstream media - gone to camps)
21. Christian Leadership (controversial - gone to camps)
22. Guns Confiscated door to door -> Camps
23. Food Shortages / Riots --> Camps
24. Travel Restricted by Checkpoints without formal approval (e.g. "I" cannot come back to Pennsylvania with family)
25. Food & Water Control / Rationing
26. Large Scale Population Chipping (VeriChip / Mark of Beast)
27. UFO Disclosure ushering in the Great Tribulation
PS: Nobody leaves the camps without a CHIP Be Advised - 60 Hospitals have contracts to chip personnel with VeriChip / Military & Law Enforcement is in progress!! How many of you are wondering what is going to happen on HOUSE tonight or are too busy with work?? Have any of you bought food supplies? Does anyone have an escape route planned? By the time the next fake terrorist attack happens it will be too late to have a "plan"