Thursday, November 6, 2014

Prophecy come to pass .God saith to me Our President would remove God from the military now he has Obama Officials: "Ordering Keep Bibles Out Of Military"

(2nd) prophecy coming to past Today Nov.7th 2014 God saith Putin Russian President would step back regroup and come back for Ukraine and so he has as I write this word .Watch Russia God has been saying this for a while.                                                                                                                      ( 3rd )prophecy Israel Woes and trouble has begun.                                                                                  Also new word from God Nov 7th 2014  USA President will back up he does not want to be impeach neither does the ones he works so.. you will see a different in USA President real soon. However Next year will be the Year he really shows his true form  Yet Thus saith the lord.                                 ( 4th) prophecy come to pas today Nov.7th 2014 USA President is sending almost 3000 USA troops to train in The Middle east war. God saith this to me in September be bless. Also the word of the lord saith he will send more before its all over.