Monday, May 25, 2015

new dream from my littel brother Michale in the lord .He had the same vision I have had They are place on theses blogs. His dream is confrimation be bless.

I had a question. Recently I had 2 dreams which I believe is from the Lord. The first dream I had was about me being apart of a Christian Muslim family and Isis was after us and captured us and was doing beheadings, and I escaped and made it back to the Muslim family which found out about a family member being beheaded, and there was much sorrow and pain, and they was wondering why God would allow such a thing and etc...

And my most recent dream was about the Last Blood Moon, it was a super moon and it appear to be bigger then the last 3  and it was notice all around the world, and then a vision of a solar eclipse in the dream " which I believed it was a sign to the world about what's about to happen, and them in the dream I had a vision about the Earth being shaken which in the dream I believe it was a sign of more trouble upon the earth(such as more earthquakes, weird storm patterns, and a sign about the things that were shakable being shaken..

Mt answer back to Michael---  they will all come to past I had the same vision to and about the earth quakes  as well. be   bless little
brother in the lord. I will place your dreams on blog tomorrow with
your first name only on it. I just place five new things on it today
and there is mixer Muslim and Christians its called Christlim . The
lord gave me a word on that last year its on blog.