Sunday, March 20, 2016

Prophetic word give March 7th from another truth prophet

Children, today I need you to be Ready. The warnings I have been giving you will come to pass just as I have been telling you. You need to prepare your family members. Warn them of the events to come. Prepare them, My children. Waste no time for there is no time left. Do you children realize this time is over? All things are happening. Yes, My children, even now, events are taking place that will set events on course bringing all things into fulfillment. Yes, the enemy has his plan in the works that will bring many countries onto war. Once that happens, many bombs will fly. Many places will be affected. The loss of life will be epic. Many will be unaware. Oh,My children, this is why I warn you. Please, My children, Please. Come spend much with Me. This is the time to sit with Me. Let Me fill your cup to overflowing. Let Me ready your soul. There is much to be fulfilled in many souls. Many. Yes, many will be lost, but many will find their way to Me in these last minutes; yes, barely making it. But, nonetheless, making it indeed. Please, children, do not stumble. Stay on your walk. Stay in constant communication with Me. Pray to be worthy. Pray for the lost. Pray for My mercy. Children, many mysteries are being revealed. Yes, this day, many are being revealed. Have you not felt My peace? I have given much. These last days will be so troublesome that I have bestowed more peace upon your earth. Have you not noticed? Yes, many of My children are feeling much lighter. Yes, that is correct. Things are changing. You feel much happier. Do you think that is for no reason? Well? Yes, I have given much grace to those who are mine for much will be needed. So, children, stay about my business. Please make yourselves completely ready for this time is upon you. Have no fear for I have overcome the world. Your God, Yeshua Ha Mashiak. He wanted me to read this to you: Now, then, My sons; listen to me. Blessed are those who keep my ways. Listen to my instruction and be wise. Do not ignore it.