Friday, May 13, 2016


Chiaka  spiritualist the facts that some of the churches are under satanic authorities.Chiaka level in satanic kingdom ARE higher than that of chief occult grand master OR MYSTIC MEN AND WOMAN , nOW most of THESES TYPES OPEN CHURCHES here and there AND THEY  are famous pastors and priests heading big churches. How do you know these 'abominations in holy places'?' These are priests and pastors who do not have hatred for sins and unrighteousness.They allow women to dress seductively in their churches, WERA WEAVES JEWERLY TIGTH CLOSES BREATS OUT SHORT SKIRTS  keep hair uncovered, encourage divorce and sexual immorality.They preach worldliness AND PROSPERITY A LOT .DONT TEACH REPTANCE NOR HOLYNESS OR RIGHTEOUSNESS