Friday, October 28, 2016

PROPHECY COME TO PAST GOD JUST SHOW ME THIS LIKE THREE DAYS AGO VIDEO ON YOUTUBE . SAW A PLANE BLOW UP BE ON FIRE BEFORE IT LEFT RUNWAY OR AS I IT FLEW OFF RUNWAY. AND IT HAPPEN THAT QUICK WOW. i PRAYED AND CANCEL IT AND PRAYED NO ONE WOULD DIE AND GOD ANSWER MY PRAYER AND THE SAINTS WHO PRAY WHO SAW THE VIDEO GOD IS GOOD!!! PRAY BEFORE YOU GET ON PLANES .GOD SAID THEY WOULD BEGIN TO CRASH AND MESS UP AGAIN BE BLESS.CHICAGO -- An American Airlines plane suffered a mechanical issue, and then part of the plane caught fire on the tarmac at O'Hare International Airport Friday afternoon, forcing the passengers and crew to evacuate by the emergency chutes. American Airlines said the plane aborted takeoff due to an "engine-related mechanical issue," and the 161 passengers and 9 crew deplaned on the runway. They have been transported back to the terminal in buses. Bound for Miami, American Airlines flight 383 aborted takeoff around 2:35 PM, according to the FAA. At least six ambulances were called to the scene, although it remains unclear if there were any injuries. The runway has been closed as the FAA investigates. Anyone flying through O'Hare should expect delays.. THIS JUST IN FED X PLANE IN FORT LAUDER DALE CATCHES FIRE ON RUNWAY WOW THIS IS TO MUCH SAINTS FedEx plane catches fire at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Plane catches fire after landing gear collapses, F

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