Thursday, October 27, 2016

CLASS IS NOW DISCOUNTED AT 60.00 I HAVE A NICEE CLASS AGAIN .hOWEVER i FEEL MORE SHOULD LEARN TO SO DISCOUNTED CLASS TO 60.00 AND BOOK INCLUDED THIS IS MY BLESSING TO ALL WHO WANT TO JOIN.IN YAH JESUS NAME!!!---Registration Ending at 630pm tomorrow for prophetic Activation Coaching Course for prophets teachers pastor Apostle Bishop or any one who wants to take . It is Now 60.00 and work book included. The lord said to lower it 4 days ago so I did. You can pay through PayPal and in Pay Pal box let me know it is for the course. The course Begins Tomorrow 730 pm est to 930pm and then 30 minutes for question only Upon receipt of papal payment ,the course info and conference number info will be sent to you .The course is 5 and half weeks long Every Friday Be bless.