Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NEXT BOOK IN THE PRAYER SERE IS-- The-Power-of Confessions-& Decrees Command Joy-&-Change Prayers --Will be on sale Jan 13th or 14th

 Introduction to book

The Power of Your Words Confessions & Decrees Command Joy & Change Prayers Book
WILL teach you From Gods word from  Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is fully loaded with Verses about the power of our Gods Creation us Mankind words.Our words can activate our faith and unleash blessings and victory in our lives, or they can tie THE hands of Almighty God where he cannot even  move in our life. It can and will cause heartache and defeat. In one’s life sometimes till they die. Words are containers for power. Our words literally have the power to change our circumstances for better or worse. We should use our words not to describe our situation, but to change it for Good like out Creator can and gave us the gift to do it to. Remember we have all power in Yahushua Jesus who die for us.! If you seek to understand this principle, meditate on it, practice it and allow it to penetrate your spirit, it will revolutionize your life.