Sunday, September 3, 2017


Great and Mighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all the Fouls of the Air, the Trees, the Oceans and everything living therein!

By you All things are made and All things Consist.. The Earth is Filled with your Glory!  One Whose Reign is Righteous, One Who is Enduringly Strong, One who is Entirely Sincere, all your ways are Good and You are Blessed forever… Be Exalted Lord.. Be Lifted Higher Jesus!

Lord God, we stand before you and Thank you that you Fight for, You Keep and defend us!  We Declare that according to Thy Word ..Send Ambushments against those who have consorted Together against Us, to those who have plotted evil against our Souls , against our progress and peace; against our Ministries, Family and destinies.

As you did with Jehoshphat, Send forth Ambushments and Confusion into their Camp, Make their way Dark and Slippery! We acknowledge that the Battle is not Ours but it is Yours, Great and Merciful Father who Delivers! Your Mercy Endures Forever!

We  stand Before This House and In Your Presence,  for Your Name is in This House! We praise you that You are Faithful and Just..Oh God our Great Deliverer and Keeper of our Souls, Defender of our Highest cause!

In Faith we know that Know Weapon that is Formed against us will Prosper and Every Tongue rising against us in Judgement; Before us or in Behind our Backs, We condemn according to thy Mighty Word!
We declare that they may come out against us One way and shall flee 7 ways;  We thank you and declare that those who gather against us will fall for our sakes.. according to Thy Holy Word!

For we dwell in the Secret place of The Most High and Abide under the Shadow of the All Mighty! Surely you Shall deliver us from the Snare of the Fowler and Every Plot of our enemies! We thank You that though they may war against us the Will not Prevail for the Lord Our God is With us. 

Thank You that You  will not suffer the Righteous to be moved! Lord we Worship and by Your Grace We will Worship You in Spirit and in Truth!  
We thank You that You see it a Righteous thing to Grant Tribulation to Those who Trouble Us!

We thank you for the Angels that Excel in Strength, that do your commands Hearkening unto the Voice of This Word; Which is Your Word, the Almighty God!   We thank you that they are sent for the Minister for those of Us who Are heirs of Salvation

Thank you Lord that you have Heard the Words We have Declared in Faith.  We thank you that You  Look after your Word and You Hasten to perform it, according to Thy Word!  
We Declare and Decree this Word in Prayer will go Forth Unhindered and Unchecked by any Evil Force, it shall accomplish the Thing Where unto it was sent!

Thank you, That You Deliver us for Your Word’s Sake, for Your Mercy’s Sake and for Your Holy Name’s Sake!  Thank You that You are Faithful,  You have Called Us and You also Will do it!  

In the Mighty name of Yahushua  Jesus Who is Christ, Our Lord we Pray!   Ahmen!