Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Aim just me and I just love Yahuah God with all my very essence he has made me to be.But yet aim so hated by many but love by more ,this is what DADDY YAH TELLS ME ,HE MAKES ME SMILE EVERY TIME HE SAYS THIS .
When I secretly go away AND HIDE  and I cry and my heart aches from the ROARING winds of the people THE SAINTS AND JEWELS AND NON CHILDREN  OF GOD ,THAT the enemy uses .Daddy God Yah says to me why is thou crying does thee not know I love thee with all of my very essence.I say Yes Daddy I know This as sure as you are my Creator in Yahushua name.
Daddy God Yah then says come and lay in my arms so that I may comfort thee and so I do and he wipes my tears away ever so gently and lovingly the way a loving Father would.
Then he says to me aim your DADDY YAH aim always him your Daddy Yah and  I never leave you  nor forsake you ,I tell you this my Jewel. When you watch TV aim there watching you ,when you laugh aim laughing too, when you smile aim smiling  because your smile warms my very essence of my heart.
When you cry, I cry when thou are sad ,my heart gets a little in waned because thou should not be said in me .When you lift your arms to hug me after your prayers .I lift thee up and hug thee back.When you throw kisses at me I kiss you  back .When you say I love You Daddy Yah I say I love you back MY PRETTY  BABY JEWEL!!!
When you walk away from praying and spending time with me .I miss you before you get up to begin your day.When you  ARE angry with your brethren. I stroke thy face to comfort thee in thy heart and  to sizzle the anger away that the enemy has place in thee.
When your in the bathroom ,the store  or are on the phone  or the internet ,aim with you right beside you.Aim even there when your mind is slightly away from my mind.You see my love there is no reason to be sad and fret about those who are not mines but say they are or the ones who are not mines that hate thee.For there father is the father of all lies and hate and illusions.
Instead know that I love you more than any one or anything CAN and that my love is enough to keep you strong in times of adversity it is the same love my son your Savior had in him from me when he was on the CROSS AT CARVERY AND DIE FOR YOU