Monday, July 23, 2018


The angel of the LORD was scolding me, like a Father does to his children. It was so scary. Also, He was standing in the water that was flooding the roads. He was so tall and ready for battle. I forgot to say it in the video, He was holding a giant sword in his right hand. It was intense. He tried to explain to me how urgent and serious it was that we all keep the holy spirit (Hakodesh) on us, so we are covered when He returns in wrath. It is the only covering we have from what is to come soon. Very very important that we keep a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

(The LORD God Almighty) everyday!!! He also told me that if we do not have the covering He gave us (the holy spirit) then he will come as a thief, and we will be destroyed because of our sin. Our righteousness is as rags. Our righteousness is in Him, and Him alone. God loves us so much, and it is not his will that any should perish, but that all should have eternal life. Some think He is late, or that He should have come already. Why be so impatient?? If you love your neighbor you will show them the love of God, not just the people in your church congregation. God loves us all. And He commands us to love others as He has loved us: unconditionally, always forgiving, helping them when they need help. He said do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Remember what you reap you will sew.