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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Important word from The lord.All must read. And become members.So you can get updates and chat with me On Monday & Thursady At 6pm to 8pm.

Sorry for email blasting this morning the lord busy. This is not a word from me .this is from  another prophet on YouTube. God has told her some of things He told me last week .I gave you guys on blog talk and YouTube. So the word he gave her. Is more and confirm the word he gave me and her be bless. Pass this around  to. Be blesswith you .Here is a word that will show you what is to come for many
saints:  Spiritual Season = Major MOVE of the Spirit of God (Holy
 - Breath of God (the winds) , Latter rains
 * Significant now is the spirit of the Lord, it being poured out unto
 ALL flesh, all peoples, all the world - like never before!

 There is a SHIFT taking place:

 - Commencing, about to commence
 - Now is the [preparation, transition period] before this move,
 therefore this is a time of rest, stillness, a period of slowness,
 calm and personal work (that is, the work that the Lord is doing
 within you, in your life)
 * Patience is required, there may be increased bouts of frustration,
 anticipation, restlessness...

 Increased OUTPOURING = greater portion, increased PRESENCE of God
 - like never before God's hand and judgment is being revealed, made
 known, witnessed by all
 - the Lord's glory, light increased, more tangible, brighter (there is
 more reception amongst all, more are being "touched" by God's

 For the Bride = Holy Fire: refining, purging (greater sanctification,
 COMPLETION) , increased anointing, blessing, power and glory,
 protection, grace, favor, joy and peace, magnified oneness with the
 Lord, greater communion and closeness, exceptional supernatural
 * Eternal Summer
 * A new dawn, dawning (new beginnings, a new era), advancement
 * The Holy Fire brings about the visible revealing of the Son's (and
 Daughters) of God - it is the physical manifestation of the Chosen and
 Elect, the True. They shall be visible, visibly different, set apart.
 * Vessels, powerhouses of God: unmovable, unshakeable, established,
 victorious, advantage
 - embodiments of the Lord (of His likeness and character, reflections
 of His laws and truth, His love and light, double-edged swords,
 - the Lord shall be working through His Chosen and Elect like never
 before, using His people in the mightiest ways (they shall help guide
 the Lost)
 - increased manifestation of all that is of God

 For the Lost Sheep = Spiritual Winter: it is the time of the Lost Sheep
 - multitudes being brought into repentance, encountering trial +
 tribulation, upheaval // chastisement, conviction (* Bitterness =
 - multitudes experiencing a spiritual awakening, truth, veil being
 lifted (more are being called...He is revealing more of Himself unto
 the world)
 * These experience both the Holy and Consuming Fire (purging,
 judgment, refining)

 Gathering of the Lost Sheep with the Bride: multitudes entering in,
 getting upon the Ark, accounted for and numbered, being made ready,

 Separation: "the Falling Away" of the apostate and lukewarm: those who
 have refused the Lord's truth and spirit for the false doctrines of
 men and demons, deception // the approval of men // the worship of men
 rather than God alone
 - the "burning"/ final judgment of the condemned
 - Time is up for many of the the Pharisees, unrepentant and
 disobedient, this also includes Wolves and false prophets...

> "Personal life storm as well !"