Sunday, December 29, 2013

ARE YOU ILL TOO??? Confirming a word Yah gave me look at video Down below .With Alex Jones.And Pray for him and his family in Yah name.

ARE YOU ILL TOO??? MANY ARE REPORTING THIS SAME ILLNESS THAT IS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY NOW. CDC SALIVATING FOR A PANDEMIC... MANY OF US HAVE BEEN WARNING OF THIS. ALEX'S PORTION OF THE VIDEO RUNS FASTER THAN THE AUDIO FOR SOME REASON. JUST LISTEN TO WHAT HE IS SAYING This is to confirm the word .God told me in Sept and Oct about the plagues that where coming. It is now happening all over the word. Also the word Yahweh gave me about Chicken and beef  sickness has begun as well.For the chicken .you will hear about the beef soon.This is Just confirming the word God Gave me In Sept and Oct 2013