Thursday, December 19, 2013

Word Of the lord sayeth do Not Belive What you see and Hear In Relationship's of All Kind That are dear to you.

What ever Foot Step Yahweh aka King Jesus is  using in your life .Is  the same Foot steps Yahweh has already use to lead you in your walk you are in right now sayeth the lord. That can lead you right to Heaven. The lord sayeth that the enemy is using a lot of deception in a lot of people lives', some of you who read this blog will know it is you the lord Yahweh is speaking to .The  lord sayeth  the enemy is trying to break up relationship of all kinds. Especially marriages and potential ones .The  lord also sayeth what ones speak to you may be not what one means. For it is fear and the enemy has penetrated upon such person who speaks things that you don't expect them to speak. The word of the lord Yahweh also sayeth to me. Hold On don't give up on some people in your life for he will bring them back soon much sooner than you think sayeth the lord Yahweh .For  all of you who think that spouse that future  spouse that child that friend that sister or brother or cousin or aunt or uncle  Mother father is Gone. Think again. Restoral will come and this time it will remain. Because it is I Yahweh who is turning them around to you to make a mends once and for all. The lord Yahweh sayeth that what I have weave together no man nor the enemy or any from the kingdom of darkness can un weave what I Yahweh have sow together.  Thus sayeth the lord. be bless all. Given Dec 19th to servant Prophet Rosalind Solomon in Yahweh eh name.