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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yahweh Aka Jesus led me to know
they are of pagan ness work, Christmas I s the false God Nimrod he was
born on 25th.He is also know as the sun God. Yahweh has show me we must do his Sukkot in September
 That was his birth time. and the 8 days of feast lights. That just
past from Dec1 to Dec8th. Yahweh sayeth any one who does Christmas and
thanksgiving and Easter  ,Mother Day ,Father Day and the False New year.
Which is really March 1st or March 14th the holiday Yahweh Excepted
beside as well as  Jewish even valentines day that is nimrod to. Easter Is the
Fertility  God Irises  that  the eastern bunny is of her too .Not Yahweh.
and Memorial day and labor  Day neither  they are from the pagan fallen roman soldiers. Also
birthday's, party  birthday ,cakes, birthday spanking are from the pagan Greeks God
,they use to do them every year for the moon Goddess. They where the
first  to make a birthday  cake shape like a moon to the moon Goddess Theses holidays
 are yet a curse. Yahweh said refer all who read and hear this to  Det. 28 .Yahweh also
sayeth to me to tell the  people to pray to him and he will confirm. For
all will be Judge if they do not seek the truth of Yahweh.  .Also none of theses holidays where never  done by
Yahweh nor the 12 disciples nor the Israelite. They where un heard of
to Yahweh and that is why their not in the bible. Yahweh sayeth we are
to go by his truth and his true names .Because in end day which  is
now. When the Anti Christ reveals himself . God show me he
is here on earth already. He will take the name Jesus Christ and when
one calls on that name Yahweh will not answer for it will be a curse
name on to him. Read revelation it is in that book. So please Guys Pray
to confirm this and Learn his truth names that King James took out and
replace because he was working for satan . Yahweh told me King James is
in hell burning and will be Judge sorely on Judgment day before all in
Heaven  .Also On my show I  have been teaching about the lost books of the
bible Adam and eve listen when  you can. Yahweh told me to teach
it,it has secret and truth that was kept from us and boy does it . I
did a show on Saturday will do pt 2 12-111-13 at 3pm You can listen in
on archives. It is important that everyone learn the truth of Yahuveh God and Yahweh Jesus and  Ruach ha
Kodesh Momma Holy spirit .Read proverbs it proves she is a woman
spirit and Yahweh mother and wife of God. Yahweh has reveal this to me.
 So please pray to him ,Yahweh said who ever did he would reveal to them
like he did me. Love you all  very  much all who come to this blog site .May Yahweh Bless You, much I thank God for you  Prophetic Voice Of Yahweh Ministry &.Prophetess Rosalind Solomon