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Monday, January 13, 2014

Important TruthThat is Coming and all Should know

In march Of 2013 God gave me a word ,I announce on my blog radio. Show and he God gave me the word again in Oct 2013 USA a money will fail and and the USA dollar would no loner be prominent in this world. Gold would go to it to its highest before it rises and it has. T he lord sayeth banks will close and you will not be able to get your money out for a while. USA is two times worst off than Detroit , Look it up. The lord brought it by me again today. You will see this failed currency and bank closing with in the next 90 day;s to 18 months . You will see pension funds fall soon as well..By 2015 the New health care act will be in full force. Then shortly after that you will see things quickly tank sayeth the lord.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This was all set up by the secret society ,our trillion dollar debt .That began with Brush Senior they have done this to devalue the Americana people. So they can cease the will even more than they have now. On USA. and the world . So people of the USA you must prepare and take care of your house now before the next 90 day;s to 18 months are up. Because life will be different. Why do you think China has brought tons of Gold in 201,3224 tons of Metric Gold they have brought ,they know whats is going to happen to USA . We are creating Debt .China is creating Gold. , China is preparing for the USA collapse . Also watch the world banks. It will be a reset not a currency collapse .People wake up America. 204 country have agree to allow the currency to be revalue with the IMF. They have agree to this so there will be no more currency war. You will wake up suddenly and hear on the news this will surely happen.                                                                                                                                                                                                      The banks will not close at first or ask you to turn in your money ,however in a couple of weeks after it will. This global reset will be base upon the access of the country . USA has more debt than in country in the world. All we have is debt .Out money will be reset down to 30 percent  or less of what it is worth. This will be taken from us gradually in time. USA dollar will never be the premiere dollar again. So who ever has the most money value in there country super wealth that country will be the premiere money. And it will not be know until this happen. It could be China with all that Gold they buying not sure don’t quote me on that. However it will be a Gold back country. The super rich are reserving there money now in new currency even Congress men is  this s treason.   In the year-2000 National debt was 5.6 trillion in 2013 it was 17plus trillion 209 percent increase. In 13 Year's We don’t have asset we have debt .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This is why Our money will be worthless like Toilet paper .A lot of country Iran,, Middle East ,China ,England trillion of USA dollars have been given back already. all over the world is dropping USA dollars . Gold has gone up in 13 years a lot .Gold was worth year of 2000 Gold was worth $280.00 a ounce now it is worth $1,250 dollar are up 28.25 percent sliver $4.25 now $25.00-26.5 percent up. Why do you think this. To set up USA dollar to Fall .So the one world currency can come on in. We have been sleeping In the USA on our government and our self. When dollar is reset every thing will be 30 percent more because dollar will be 30 percent less. You will feel it at the Gas pump 30 days latter. Then Market ,product ,food ect maybe two months. Later People will lose there homes .How will they be able to make that mortgage payment. And this is what they want..Welfare may even default. If so wow will that be bad. The Elite has been preparing you for the last 2-3 years for what is to come. Electric smart meter is on houses now .So no more house reader will come. They spend million to put this in houses 2-3 years ago. I                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It is on 95 percent of houses all over USA. They where put there to Dummy you down. They communicator between 3-and 4am in the morning they program people thinking. This info Goes to cell tower 900 And 5 mega hesrt Frequency , to get in your brain to dummy you down in your thinking. This was for a purpose from the new world order for you to except there order. So when this Reset Global currency happen you will fold for it (Google Type in (Barrie Trower) he live s in Switzerland .He is a top scientist in secret for USA. He is retired now. He travel all over to tell this .He is so upset that he help to build and do this for the USA Government,because of ..Microwave ,Radiation and the smart tower meter s are doing and why so they can bring in the new world order there way. Many people have token the meter off and have suited as well. Research this your self. People who knew about currency reset in advance before to day are billionaires when this happen. Interest rates will go up and many Bankruptcy. God told me this in a word I gave in Jan 2014 . That many will business will go belly up. Things will not be very pleasant , God children will be saved. So are you saved give your life to Yahweh today .