Friday, January 3, 2014

New Prophetic Word From God In Yahweh Name.Jan 3rd 2014

Pray  for the mighty  Know ones, Famous ones in the world and in the church and maybe in your own life,many will topple this year and pray for Africa. the whole continent. The unknow will be know and you will know who is of God and  who is chosen ,You will know the nonchosen one's you will know the ones that are not of God thus sayeth the lord.I gave this word before in March 2013 watch your money in the banks many  banks's will topple soon .  Money exchange  coming soon, God told me this last summer Many small nation;s will rise  and large nation will fall This is  of nation;s  of people and Nation;s  Country there self.coming soon. USA dollar will  fall soon.also a  lot of business;s will   fail and things will become more expensive. Also war will begin in Nation's this year ,many small nation will rise and Big Nation will fall. I said this last year,  Iran will fold they are lair God sayeth  peace treaty will not last long sayeth the lord. The Church as God has told me before the church will go under mast over haul many will topple you will be surprise who if they don't  repent and stop thinking they are higher than God him self.. I have said some of their names in my written prophesy on this blog .I have also send letter emails to five of them  two responded back to me .(One was TD Jake's him self.).  Also ask God where your ark is if you are a true child of God .And get as many as you can to come to Yahweh for sooner than we think ,life will change and what is to come is massive and many lives will perish if not saved and your kids and family and friends and coworker Ect..This is what God told me to say and that is all I can say.So please pray over this word pray and confirm with God and pray for all In Yahweh name.Given to Prophet Servant Rosalind Solomon Jan 3rd 2014    Time 12:25am EST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .(Also traveling will become hard in the air sayeth the lord plane company cclosing down it will be hard to travel  by plan and become two times more expensive, TB Joshua Say this  part from the lord).