Saturday, January 4, 2014

Surprise Prophetic Word From God

There are many who rob my sheep and make it hard for my true church to grow and come fourth. Do not let a wolf in sheep clothing allow you to not sow in to my true church my true kingdom,for you shall sorely block your blessing. How can I Yahuveh  bless you ,your family ,your ,home ,your business ,your education ,your health .If you refuse to sow in to my true kingdom. The devour the enemy knows my word the enemy knows what happened when you denied my true sheep .I shall denied you and the devour shall come and take all you have. When you sow into my true kingdom that is a form of protection of all above things and more .You think my Church my true sheep are good enough to pray for you and bless you ask to speak my word fourth to you,So why do you not think my Church my true sheep is not good enough to sow into.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Many do know even hear my truth from my prophet's or know that this year mans' new year 2014 . Is the year of the saved and, the sower ,and the discipleship and the harvester and the crossing over. This year more than any other year will show who is really mines and who really is not mines. You will know the chosen from the unchosen one's. You will find out who the true sheep’s are and who the true wolfs are thus sayeth the lord . This year is a open heaven year many will have breakthrough and deliverance in many area and victory . It is because of their faithfulness to me obeying me thy God and finishing the race they had to endure for so long thus sayeth the lord and for the seeds they have sow with the sweat in enclosed in the sow seed thus sayeth the lord. This is a year of release. Release to I thy God kingdom my true kingdom and Give and it shall be given on to you for the measure that you give shall be measure back to you thus sayeth the lord.