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Monday, February 3, 2014

New prophesy False Flag Attack Coming To upper part of Eastern USA This is not from God It is Our Government sayeth the lord.

New Prophesy From God  A Centralize  attack is being prepared for the east coast of USA. I have given the word three times from God about watch China A Russia They hate us soon it will be reveal how much.However a counterfeit attack is coming  many will perish. People will cry out and say God has brought  judgement on us. This attack is not from God sayeth the lord. It is a man made attack coming from within our government. This attack is  design also to turn saints from God and some will because of this attack..They will believe satan lies.God sayeth turn to me before it is to late .Learn to love your neighbor stop slandering each other and gossiping.Examine your walk with me  in my church my house. This False Flag attack that is coming .Will be  in the upper  east part of the world.Like a block party .However it will be many many many blocks long.People where dancing having full of joy.eating drinking some were drunk. It was all walks of like there.They had on like coats or something .so it may not be summer months maybe later from today or fall or spring time. I also announce on my radio show. A vision I had . I was in my white saint robe. Standing still like in a daze. I did not move I was before a huge fire biggest I ever seen before. People from my left and right from behind before me . Where flying over the cliff  some falling. They did not want to go. However they had no Choice. God sayeth to me they where fastly going. It was the pit of hell. I turn away to the ligth. God sayeth to me .they many are about to perish. And they I must pray for the soul to not perish and to tell others .Something coming from our government really bad that will kill many and God sayeth many will perish. We must pray against this and for those soul.(The government and Fema )behind this . It is a false flag sayeth the lord .This is not from him. God is warning you. Here are links I have to show what the government been up to to prove the word from God. They are preparing for this event. You all though it was the superbowl. That was a no and a big distraction sayeth the lord.So this attack will come. And soon China and Russia will show there hate for USA. God sayeth pray saint to him call on to him. He will protect you and family.God sayeth go out bring soul to him before it is to late for them. It could be people  you very well Know  Scripture given Revelation 12 whole chapter. Showing this will be from satan himself sayeth the lord.FEMA: Evacuation Planning and Operational Support for Motor Coaches -

Super Bowl Preparations Include Air Defense Exercise -

Wikipedia: Metlife

Letter circulating indicating a false flag event -                                                                                                                  

U.S. Upper East Coast (Maine through Virginia)