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Monday, February 17, 2014

New Prophesy From The Lord Feb !7 2014

I saw a dream this morning. A whole lot of snow again .I said lord not  again..Also I said this on my radio show last night..The weather will continue to get worst and worst. Till Americana  and the world repent. Supper Storm thus sayeth the lord thy God.. This  will be the new title of the storm's to come,your going to see something called Super Storm ,Monster Storm, Massive Flood, Massive Quake, Massive Volcano Eruption with these title in them this .The earth will get hotter and hotter as Sun moves close to the earth. In space  we  will also have wind storms and storm as well on other Planet's. That will affect this Planet more than you know the saints of God. on this Planets sayeth the lord thy God.World wide flooding is coming. I have given this word twice last year and three times already this year.However I have to say what God tells me to say. man needs to repent until then you will hear and see all that God gives to his Prophet;s around the World sayeth the lord. Also I hear the word Scandal in News headlines to come Secret reveal And What was Hidden is hidden no more .I hear this from the lord mouth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The lord sayeth put on your Armor Esp.6 ,Cover your family with the blood of Yahweh every day and night.The churches of Jezebel have turn from God now he shall turn from them sayeth the lord.  the lord.They worship Idol and sit at satan feast table sayeth God  they have put a short time to repent and if they don't make that time they shall all perish sayeth the lord.Heed this word church you know who you are sayeth the lord.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Open your eyes sayeth the lord ,Listen to the spirit of God the signs are all around you sayeth the lord. Darkness will come where no man can work.For the saints the light of God shine out for you sayeth the lord Again I say thus sayeth the lord thy God.  Cry out to me repent and ask me where you should be settle at are you living in the right places, for if you are in the wrong place at  time of Judgement, you can not say to me I did not warn you thus sayeth the lord  If in need ask of me and I shall supply old your needs to be settle where I want to place you sayeth the lord. You must be willing to leave all behind if I ask you too. Job, places and thing and people and family if need be sayeth the lord..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I will give family member .Same choices as you ,however it is there will to yield to my Divine order thus sayeht  the lord. So when I tell you to leave your dwelling you must obey and leave no matter what the cost is sayeth the  lord. If you stay where I tell you to leave from then you have made your choice with your own will thus sayeth the lord thy God .End of Word From God .Pray, Repent, Fast Cry out To God in Yahweh name. Put on Armor for you and family, and cover all in the Blood of Yahweh, Day and Night .And stand on Pslam 91 and 23 and Isahia 54-17 and Luke 10 -19 Read Rev 9- 11 be bless to all.