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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Word from the Lord March 17th

Florida will have a Flood or Tsunami soon That is what God was showing me in the dream I place on my YouTube Channel last week .So pray for that area. Rare events coming  watch for them sayeth the lord..  Also Russia has a advantage over us.They are position more than you think to strike us. There are enemy under Ground waiting to turn bombs on in New York and other Major city. They are here just waiting for the call to come to begin. Terror attacks On USA soil God told me this sense last year. So be alert and pray The expoltion   will come from under the ground. Also God told me of a False Flag attack coming In Jan. So Prepare and pray.. God gave me a word I made a YouTube Video. New York Buildings coming downAs well Black outs coming from sunburst  from the sun it will affect other planets and their movements, Also collapse of Nations coming cannot keep it together.Also new banking system soon to come As well Watch Pope Francis  sayeth  the lord, Stay out of the Sun  it will be hotter and closer to Earth, Planet  moving ,earth moving. Texas will get hotter. Arizona   violent  coming and to new Mexico .Unemployment will be  cut off government aid too.  Texas , France .Poland  Brazil Colombia Venezuela  Pakistan. Earth Quake  

Swiss land   Iceland will have a  volcano causing Ice to melt . Obama will anger China they will act on USA because of it, Plague from foreign land sweeping around the world Lebanon  will attack Israel. Also Flooding   coming to Tenn. N.C, Alaska, Huston and New Orleans. Also   Texas, Oklahoma will get hotter , Also there will be a leader in Egypt he will be a religious leader . Also Iran will  attack Israel, Also  woman will be rising to power around the world ..Indosniea  and Hawaii flooding coming  , Also  


Many Unclean spirit coming into the world. They are entering into bodies on earth They can enter  because the person wont except Yahweh See Revelation 13  whole chp. The Beast name is  on the forehead of his church  satan is sealing his people his church Rev 3 ,9 God speak  of this in John 8-44 devil is there father There will be a  king of satan coming in later days dragon on earth .Satan has the people on this earth too clone a evil King he cannot do it so he has man do it with technology Cloning   Rev 9-1

Satan will be given the key to  open up hell   and lose his evil spirit  to come on earth fallen star  is ( satan) he  is  given keys to hell They are the fallen angels lost in prison in pit They will enter the body that have the mark of the beast on them . So they know who to enter. This is why we are mark and sealed in Yahweh, God created  human however if  they don’t repent and Go to God  they are open up for the evil spirit to come in . Satan need technology . satan cannot raise the death or make a life  he needs man and technology to do this cloning of humane  and sin  Ehp ch 2-21-22 we are a holy temple habitation  of God through the spirit, 1444,ooo will be sealed before this all happen Like the blood when they see it on us they cannot enter or touch us we belong to God we are his temple and dwelling place through the spirit. Put in that day God has to seal the 144,00 so they cannot be touch by theses evil spirit,                                                                                                                                              The Government is  seeing and hearing everything man does  It is the third eye mark of the breast Also they will build a third eye machine. This  is how they will do it  They will build a machine through the eye will see and hear all and listen for certain words and it records everything what you say will be use against you by the government No operation done will place it in your forehead, Government is  producing baby genetically  alter to be superior human a army, Half human and half animals then human  mix devil dna and create his own kids devil desire them children, They are called Shape shiftier children’s  They can change any form they desire to. The water is  being Poison  and food  Also There will be no need for hospital one day because of technology Soon there will be  Cloning  of religious leaders  to convince people to get in the one world order they will have memory and thoughts from past life  they had . Also No more hiding no more privacy. Because  the Phone will become where you cannot hide no more they will see your full form. Daniel saw this   he was told knowledge has to increase for this to happen so it did not happen in Daniel day . satan need s all this to happen. People will run to satan who are not of God the beast that is coming out of the sky lying signs and wonders deceiving the world that he  s  God  and  He will have a religious leaders backing him up with form of Godliness and denied  the powers there of God                                                                                               National Guards walking in the street of USA They will be removing Guns , Also taking rights away  as well as arresting Christian   and will be putting  them in fema camps. Dragging you out your homes.  The Beast wants to take all away so people cannot stand against him In Great tribulation . Wants to leave man powerless defenseless. Omaha is  going to change’s law's over turn them.  It will shock USA he has change us Christian to terrorist  that is the new name he gave us.  They will be able to shot people on sight  in future one of the new laws coming. Watch NASA  sayeth the lord people will live on other planets soon . Man will find gateways to enter other heavens dimension  They will figth man to stop them  Gateway in Egypt,  Jerusalem , Iran ,Greece and England and there is more ,the gateways of ancient of days when they travel. New Jerusalem has 12 when it comes. Earth is Moving closer to moon and sun will cause ocean to come higher and moving people to violent and restlessness. Solar flare putting  electric out , also  sun burning bushes and trees, Also there will be a Drought major coming to different Nations. One day all people  like on  YouTube   will be search for and be taking off  A food shortage  will come and food prices coming up  as well as taxes too Super STORMS .ALABAMA And Earth Quake

Maine  will have a bad storms    United Kingdom to especially England  will have major floodsAlso the sun will have a server eruption explosions on the sun. Please read scripture give earlier be bless.