Friday, May 9, 2014


OBAMA 2016 This is why the lord told me in a word I give on this blog a while back and on Video and radio show. God sayteh the election in USA would change forever.  Also that secret   would come out about Hilary this year.He may very well be the president a third time.Or he will try to run again as USA President.  Ist Time ever done for a USA President .it has been done for other offices.So this may very well come true .Not to say Hilary will never be a President in USA . The lord sayeth there will be a woman in that office  before all is said and done.We about to see so evil stuff to come And watch Obama the President. You are gonna see some stuff come from him in next 30-45 days thus sayeth the lord..So please stay in pray stay focus on God at all times. Never take your mind off of Yahweh.Stay in the word and fellowship with God .And stay in God grace