Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Godly Food to think about and Read

I said this before on this blog  and video we might see another pope.Pope Francis might just be the front runner for the true Antichrist pope like Some one else in power is the front runner for Antichrist. Remember satan is a deceiver .Now if he is the last pope like it says in the bible. He has one lung and is very sick cancel all his appointment in July.So that mean the Antichrist may be here sooner than we think and all the other bible prophesy are on there way as well. Something to pray about and think out.Also if Pope Frances  does step down or if his time is cut form this world .And a new pope come. then we still will know time is real short and Antichrist on his way and then out Groom Yahweh Glory .Be bless. Also read Jerm 50 Ezk 38, 13 ,19 Isha 19 The whole book of Zechariah. You will see what aim talking about be bless. Also Isha 17 bible prophesy still in process meaning ha begun and is on Going now.