Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Word From The Lord 6-1-2014

6-1-2014 Shift change is coming in the spirit realm that will manifest  for all  God saint's on earth .A new alignment is coming  Thus sayeth the lord . And a great falling away is coming sayth the lord , And pray for Janet Jackson Trouble is coming for her soon sayeth the lord . And NASA will bring news to the world it will have something to do with the spiritual realm. the spiritual realm..Also saint's stay focus on God satan is doubling his attack's on all saints . Blessing are about to come and healing and deliverance. Miracle's of all kind's,. back up stuff is coming thus sayeth the lord. We must all keep focus on Yahweh  akaa King Jesus Christ and stay close to him at all time no matter what. And watch what you say cause it can cause death to you sayeth the lord in the spiritual  and even in the natural.Proverb's 18-21 life and death is in the power of the tongue .The lord say control your tongue dont let it control you thus sayeth the lord. God bless you Prophetess Rosalind Solomon.