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Monday, June 16, 2014

USA Allows Iran Forces To Enter Fight In Iraq So read Ezekiel 38 The reestablish of Persia AKA Iran And then turkey and Russia they will all unite for a time and a season as it says in the bible .You don't think this is not a set up from our government s well.Called New World order. Yahweh knew man would do this so he spoke it in Mathew and Luke in bible.  This is the bible's prophesy God was talking about he told me bible prophesy would begin to happen and that Oil will soar in another prophesy. Wake up Church wake up USA . We was told we would be Gone when this stuff happen we been lie to. We are here. And will see much more than we where taught we would see. So per-pare read Ezekiel 13. God sayeth that his sheep will not be perpare cause the teacher and prophets have lied to them.I did a radio show on this a while ago. The church must begin to perpare the saints for what Is to come if not many will perish sayeht the lord to me. The church all they care about is money and what they can get out other  saint.s and the sinner, non believer, famous people ect.. If you need prayer you cannot even reach the pastor there Is a fortress before him or her to break through. Yahweh was not like that still ant. You can reach him any  time any where try praying and call out his name see if he don't answer and come. Some one need to take a stand .So aim beginning with me. Aim sick of the sleeping church and sleeping USA.  And World.So many have and will perish and the church don't care. You Church leaders who doing this stuff lying to the sheep, lining your pocket and pocket book's, you  will feel the wrath of God . He is about to open the earth up and swallow you up under it.Then satan will be your ever lasting  master till his time convent is up with. God then he too will burn in hell ever lasting. God gave me a word made a video about it 5500 people seen it. It is call  the wrath of God is coming to USA and the world. The church and USA don't think it will hit our broader's. Oh how it will Church and USA. God has been  shielding  us because he loves us and there is almost give or take some 2 billion or more saints here. God can no longer shield this Nation for she is filthy polluted, wicket so dirty evil it is unspeakable. He can only shield his true saint's not luke warm ,cold hot ones so repent and get back hot again if you ant. When it hit's your Church and USA then you will truly know daddy anger and wrath that you would have never know if  some of you did not sell out to satan and greed and lust and wickedness and perversion in the church and USA. So many of theses big huge churches are oh santic and yet you keep sitting in them and the one you should sit in. You bash you  close there doors for lack of support.You got demons cannot even find a deliverance church to take the demon out with God power cause you ant got o none of God power .You cannot even get your own demons out. The church say deliverance really where is the deliver in the church. Church scare of the devil  the demon, Illuminati, witches and wizards and warlock.s ect/ More than you are God.Church you better wake up and do it quickly for if not sudden destruction cometh to your church door and  land state  town or block  near you sayeth the lord.