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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Word From The Lord To His faithful Prophet and Servant Ann Just Spoke This On July 4th 2014

My child why do you doubt the words I have spoken through you? I declare through my messengers, my prophets, my servants and those who are filled with My Spirit. All know, all sense, the upcoming destruction at hand brought on by the people and those who govern. So many as you saw child, who attended the charades of unspeakable abominations to My Holy Word. Men with men, women with women, parading down street ways, flaunting their sin in front of all. Parents, bringing children, oh ye My children, to cheer on the work of Satan. So blinded they all are! So blinded! Yet, oh ye when destruction strikes, they shall wonder, why oh why has this come upon us! A fool perishes on every side. 

They know right from wrong yet oh ye, they have believed a lie. The mockery shown, displayed for all to see, shall not go unpunished. I say, shall not. Oh ye even those who were preaching My Word, declaring the Holy Scriptures, were in contempt by their foul mouths. Not all, but many. I did not send those.

I, the Great I AM, Creator of All existence from the beginning, will pour down what others have reaped. Oh how they proclaim how righteous they are! Their proud haughtiness, grand standing to the eyes of the young. Each parent shall and is accountable to Me for bringing evil into the young ones souls. Each one shall reap what they sow. Nakedness bore on the land with eyes gazing and mouths cheering. A wicked oh ye so wicked nation you have become.

I, Yahweh declare the sins of this nation, all are held into account. No repentance I find. None. Blasphemous I say! As it is written they call good evil and evil good. Now the time has come... There shall be no mercy for those who partook in Satan's schemes. For none was wise to see. Oh ye, the children subjected to witness the nakedness parading in the streets with those divulging in their fleshly lusts. No mercy shall be granted. I know oh ye people, I know who is Mine and who is not. I know the hearts of all mankind. Woe unto those found when my anger is cast upon them.

Do you know, other countries laugh and mock the land of America? They see how your own folly is bringing your demise. Land of the brave, home of the free. Nay I say. Freedom is only found in I, Yahweh. Bravery are for the mighty warriors declaring the Word, My Word with no fear. 

Speak My child, declare it so! The penalties of sins are at hand! None shall escape My Hand of judgment. None! They refuse to turn from their evil way, desires and lusts of the flesh. Ye, the floodgates are opened, perilous times are now. Repent oh ye people, repent! I will destroy your cities in a single breath. Evil has over runneth My cup. Vengeance is mine...

- Then I got further words after praying more...

New York, where the tower stands, is the battleground of evil. Judgment will come last to the city filled with demons, idol worship proclaimed. Oh ye blinded fools.

California, filled with idolatry, witchcraft and lusts. Great trouble will be, oh ye. I will show torment against thee. Those who are in, flee to the mountains to safety now. There is not one place to hide in this treacherous place.

Chicago, your mockery of Me, the Great I AM, your buildings shall collapse before your eyes. I unleash the evil I have held back upon you. This city shall be no more. As I warned before, as I lifted My hand long ago, I lift once again. Behold, I come with vengeance upon you.

Texas, Arizona. So little stand up for the injustices coming forth into your lands. You murmur with your lips, yet no actions I find. Pestilence will spread as never before. You believe a lie all is filtered and do not pray unto Me Your God.

Refinery is upon you Oh America. I shall burn out the sins amongst you. Then you shall see, then you shall know, I Yahweh shall not be mocked. Behold!