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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Write my son, So The Time Has Come..all the talk about Where's the Lord? Did the Lord really say such and such? "I am tired on waiting on the Lord!" etc..etc..will soon be over! With my Mighty Hand all shall see me work, people will LONG for the GOOD OLD DAYS...when every ACT OF LIVING was EASY and every act of SURVIVAL was not so HARD! Diseases followed by plagues I send you, followed by invasion and war you are sent to America, your sins have reached up to my heavens, I can no longer fail to act, I have sent my MESSENGERS and my PROPHETS to sound the ALARM. Yet you won't listen and repent. The sinners become more bold and bolder and their deproverty sinks to their lows, in order to eradicate their sins, I must destroy sinners from amongst the land. REPENT, REPENT, REPENT, Oh Ye Sinners REPENT before it is too late for you. I know you all by name, I have a place for you, if you'd only repent, confess Jesus as your Lord, believe that I GOD raised him from the dead then you shall be saved, if you confess this with a true sincere repented heart! The time for mocking me, my son, my messengers and prophets draws to a close. I am about to change things dramatically in this nation and throughout the world. You'll no longer have the freedom, the luxury to blaspheme me and my son, instead you will be looking for places of safety, where you can get a safe nights rest and find some food and water, any food and water that hasn't been contaminated. Earthquakes, Volcanos, Famine, Pestilence, Diseases - you will cry out to me in HORROR! I will wake up those asleep to a nightmare. Food Water and Safety will be a short supply, the Government instead of helping is complicit, they actually aide the enemy to invade America as they are doing now, followed by attacks, grieves attacks that will hurt many and many shall die. Those who are mine I shall protect if they REPENT call on my name and listen and obey to what I tell them. There will be a revolution throughout the land but it will be too little too late. O America, do you think that I want this? I have called and called, begged and pleaded for you to come back to me, to stop sinning and to come back to the solid principles and standards contained in my written word, the scriptures, but you refused. Many who have never really gotten to know me and my son will perish in their sins, I have called each of them who were called by me, yet, they refused to listen. Not knowing that I offer them eternal life with me and my son and the hosts from heaven. Instead of choosing me the GREAT I AM, they choose trinkets, buzzing and twirly lights, toys of Satan. Hear ye Messengers, weep and moan you Prophets!! For this once great nation is about to be destroyed. Prepare my people, prepare, I am sending War, Famine, Disease on the land. Pray Pray Pray!! That my people repent and turn unto me with all their hearts and repent, Pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. I am reconnecting with Israel and drawing them unto myself, there is a remnant in Israel and I shall have them to be mine says the Lord, I have my people scattered throughout the world. After the fall of AMERICA I shall begin to call the disbursed tribes of ISRAEL home. From all Nations they shall come, including America. I shall call them and then my remnant shall listen and obey. I shall not leave my people powerless or forgotten by me. You will call out to me and I will listen, I am pouring out fresh Holy Spirit and Anointing in these last days. I am giving instructions to my people as to what to do, where to go, if any place is good from where they are, I shall never leave you nor forsake you, Says the Lord! Trust in me and I shall get you through it. I sent to you the comforter to aide and comfort you, get in Fellowship with me and my son, and the comforter that I am sending you. Listen and obey, your life and the lives of your loved ones shall depend on it. I love you my people I love you. I love you my children, you are dear and special to me, I need to eradicate sin at its root and that is what I am about to do, says the Lord! Fear not, stay close by my side, come underneath my sheltering wing where I can protect you, I defeated the enemy, I am coming to take what is mine back, whomever confesses Jesus as their Lord and believes in their heart that God raised him from the dead shall be saved. It is a promise I have given to those who love me. No man come to the Father, God other then through Jesus my only begotten son, Rise up and stand with us, so that you can spend everlasting life with us in heaven with us. I am calling out to YOU are you listening? I love you my children, I love you, FEAR NOT and pray to me often, establish in making fellowship with the Father and the SON and they shall be with you via the Holy Spirit.