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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


August 5, 2014

Upon awakening this morning, I heard the words, "The storm has made landfall." In prayer, these are the words that the LORD instructed me to publish:

I am here, yes the storm is come. My children, My faithful ones, this is your time, your time to fly. I come down now and judge righteousness from unrighteousness, I judge the obedient and disobedient, and I punish the inhabitants for their utter disregard of My warnings, but more so, My commands.

Yes, there is a solemness in the atmosphere, but worry not My precious one, for them that are Mine are sealed. Cry aloud and spare not for the sword now has come, the distinction shall be clear this day. Much will be uncovered, beloved, so hold on. Yes, even more than what I have shown. This is the only way to present mankind with a choice, and pray they choose Me, for many are cut off already.

Know this, that even as you speak, that which once was is no longer. I have pulled the blanket off of all the coverups. Did I not say from the church house to Parliament? My people, they do err. They have sided with wrong and do it in My name. One nation under God? Where? Am I the God of unjust things? Am I the God of death? For the things My people indulge in are worthy of just that. Had it not been for My mercy, even already. 

I hold back no longer for if I not purge this filth from before Me, I will be inclined to bring total and utter destruction. Take up a lamentation, you perverse generation, for it is I who now visits in judgment. Now mock Me, for it is I who speaks. My messengers have spoken, now I will not be quiet. I see what you do and say when you think no one hears. This is My doing and you shall know that I am God, I Am the Great Jehovah.

Now I bring a sword. If you had allowed yourselves to be governed by My word, it would have cut away your flesh and you would truly see Me as I am. In the Spirit of truth you would have worshipped Me, but I bring a bulletin - for all your efforts, I receive not, for you did not come to Me, but relied on the gods you created for yourselves. I am not the god of merchandise. Do I say it's okay to mutilate your brother just to take what he has? That is murder! Murder, even in houses called by My name. And when you have depleted all that he has, you cast him aside and say, "O ye of little faith." Am I not the God who sees? 

Love covers, yet you say it exploits, for this is what you've carried out before Me. And you think you can offer up sub-par sacrifices and I would receive them? You take tithes from the people, but if you had truly tithed, My house would be full of bread to feed a starving land. Your filthy lucre appalls Me. How long shall I sit back and watch you and not say a word? Am I now just a God you wear as an adornment? Or you sell to the highest bidder?

I have watched you step on one another to vie for position and power, in My house. How absurd! I shall now take My seat and them who have humbled themselves before Me, shall rejoice in their time of elevation. Them who sought their own fame, well, here's My claim -- Fallen are you, and unless you repent, you will determine your outcome.

I never said it was good in My eyes to maime My flock and shepherd them according to man made rules and guidelines. The standard is set in My word, and carried out by the Living Word, My Son, the Only Begotten of the Father, the Firstborn of Creation, My Son in whom I expressed My great pleasure, yes, in Him whom I am well pleased. If you had sought His counsel and lived by His example, then you would have laid down your life to receive of Me. 

Now, for all that you have mishandled, I shall handle. I shall find My sheep you've led astray and I shall bring them into My sheepfold and feed them goodly things. For them that you cause to scatter, them that are Mine, shall return to Me. 

Woe, Woe, Woe unto you who made themselves a god. Now that the only One True Living God speaks, what shall you do? Are you now greater than I Am?

Prostrate yourselves, O people of the land. Bow down and worship your King. For He comes and the sword is raised. I shall now separate, divide, and make a stark distinction. I am still God and now you shall know Me as I Am. You will see that without Me, there is none, for I am the only One who can answer, and now I hear the prevailing prayers of My righteous ones who pray about the injustice. Shall I ignore their cries? Shall I turn a deaf ear to them who worship Me with all their heart, they who allowed Me to be Lord of their lives?

Truly, I tell you this day, many you cast off as nought, you will seek for answers, for they know the heart of their God, and they will not retaliate for the way they have been treated by you, O wicked generation.

Behold, I am risen from My place. The time of visitation come. Now will determine what you have built upon. The storm is made landfall, and only them rooted in Me shall stand. Only that which is built up in Me shall remain. All else is cast off as dung. I am the God of justice and now I sit as Judge, who shall say that My ways are unjust? The way is through My Son, and the way of the cross. Does My word not say that one should lose their life, for it is counted as gain? Yet you sit on your self-appointed thrones and say that you are permitted to do as you please. Now, am I the God of your will?

My will be done. My kingdom come. My decrees brought forth. It will manifest now...

Daughter, this is My word and you shall publish