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Wednesday, August 20, 2014




 WOW THE LORD TOLD ME ABOUT THE SCHOOLS LAST MONTH AND THE OTHER DAY CHILDREN WILL BE KILL AND WE WILL HEAR ABOUT IT ON NEW'S WE MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN AND PRAY FOR THEM BE BLESS   ALSO I JUST GAVE A WORD LAST WEEK AND THIS WEEK ABOUT THE RIOTS TO COME IN USA ESPECIALLY DETROIT ,NOW YAHWEH CONFIRM A LOT OF WHAT HE HAD TOLD ME THROUGH PROPHET ANNIE ON  08-18-14  PROPHETESS ROSALIND                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         T he word received from Yahweh: TO  THIS WORD IS FROM PROPHET ANNIE
Unrest in the heartland for no peace is found.  None look unto I, Yahweh to guide and instruct.  As I warned, it is before your eyes, oh ye the beginning of up rise.  Evil is unleashed in the heartland oh America and will increase and flow into other cities, towns, villages, valley’s, farms.  Ye in the cities, in the quiet farmlands.  This Anger, outrage, is not of I, your God.
Deception arises as eyes are closed to truths unspoken.  Ye, your leaders oh America is bringing the chaos.  You shall turn to the North, South, East and West turmoil will be surrounding you.  Seek me now I say, NOW!  Satan has unleashed an army to destroy your villages.  Such blinded fools following lies spoken thereof.  Few seeking the truth!  America you are reaping what you have sown.  I, Yahweh declared to cease in your sins or ye the consequences shall be deep.  So few I find who heeded, who listened with their ears attuned to My Holy Word!  Saints prepare for battles are coming.  Prayers have been heard – now action is commanded.  Walk in diligence, walk in truth.
America, ye America, the terrorists are within your land!  Plans have been set, all in place.  Ye while all eyes gaze, are focused where the enemy has lured you, strikes shall come elsewhere I say.  Prepare oh ye prepare your spirits, hearts and minds.  Plans are set – Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Georgia.  Targets are in place.  False information has leaked unto you oh people!  Repent now America for you will reap what you have sown.  Mockery of I, Yahweh shall be no more.  My hand has lifted.  A nation I cradled in My Hands, for many oh Saints are within.  Cry out to Me oh Holy ones to be sheltered from the evil within.  Do not sway to the left nor right, stay on the narrow path.  The broad road of destruction flows in and through every state oh America.
Evil plans are in place against the innocents of the land.  I have warned through my messengers, my prophets, my servants.  Your mockery of this shall be no more as you witness with your own eyes.  A nation I, the Great I AM, who called to raise the banner high has desecrated my Holy Word, My Holy commandments with evilness of filth.  Woe unto you mockers, you scoffers who question Me, the Lord of Hosts!  I have warned, ye so many ignored, you shall reap what you have sown.
America, my mercies are new every morning.  Come now and bow to your knees.  For great trouble is upon you I say.  Reject Me and no mercy shall be found, you will cry out for what is coming into your land.
Ye, I say, brace yourself America!  Strength is only found in I, Creator of All.  The leaders of this land have betrayed you.  No warning of preparation will come.  Their purpose, desire is to enslave you.  They know fully of the terrorists ploys.  Call unto Me oh ye people, come now I say.  Go forth as the army of Saints, I have called you to be.  Do not shrink back, traps have been set for those who do.  Place your trust in I, your God.  I shall guide each step, oh ye harken unto my voice.  All who I have called, the watchmen, sound the alarm!  Prepare the people!  Repent, repent!  Only a fool says I shall walk in their own strength.
America your time of refinery has come.  I AM coming to burn the sins so deeply rooted in the land.  My Word, My Word declares the sexually immoral, liars, idolaters, greedy, homosexuals, thieves, adulterers shall not inherit thy Kingdom.  Drunkards who worship the wine shall drown in your idolatry.  Those in perversions and lust, seeking self gratification, not upholding the covenant of marriage, having sexual relations outside the covenant, repent and turn from your wicked ways.  None who are found in these acts shall enter into My Holy of Holies.  Your desires of the flesh are more than of My commandments, ye you shall reap what you have sown.
I have mourned for this nation no more.  I know who is mine, I know who will repent and turn from their earthly desires.  Come now, Come now!  Plans are set, time has come.  Repent oh ye America, the winds of evil blow strong upon you.  Come, I shall give you rest, My peace will abide within you.
Vision received the following morning (August 15, 2014)
Was shown in print 100,000 3 times.
Then heard audibly 100,000
The Lord showed me explosives.  Spoke – bombs in place.  Showed me the MAIN terrorists are now within America.
Targets:  Children.
Showed me IS that has been shortened from ISIS.
Then flashed IS and then showed me in print Innocents slaughtered.
Said this will cause the civil war, civil unrest as never before seen in history.
Told me and all to – Look to the children.