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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

-Word From lord From Uncle Benny -Don't get To Comfortable

Benny Smith
August 13 at 5:13pm
Here it is.This is the 2 dreams that I had, and this is how it starts. Patti my wife and I were visiting a person in a Hospital that was having surgery and we went to see him. Patti stayed in the waiting room for updates on him but I wanted to go outside and get some fresh air. I was walking down the sidewalk and I look up and saw 3 or 4 mushroom clouds. I immediately said that we are being attacked. And I saw airplanes and jets in the sky dropping more bombs on America. And at that time I saw fallout from the mushroom cloud and it was hitting people in the face and all over their body, and it hit me in the face as well. People’s faces were falling off from the nuclear bombs but mine was not. This dream was like being in a movie theater and I felt I was there for real. I wiped off this fallout off of my face it was like mist from rain from the sky. I then ran back into the hospital and got Patti and I told her we need to leave and she said why and I told her that we are being bombed so she started to yell at me because was very scared. We started to run back outside from the hospital while we were running she had flip flops on as we are running I looked down and said you cannot wear those flip flops because of the fallout from the bombs and it will get on your skin. So we ran back into the hospital to get a pair of shoes for her and we found a pair like tennis shoes and as she was putting them on. President Obama came on T.V and said we are being bomb by the Country of Brazil, and his voice was like he was announcing something that had no importance. He said find shelter and get to a place of safety with a smile on his face like he was happy that this was happening, and then when we got outside the hospital we saw U.S. jets fighting in the air and they shot one of the jets down that was dropping bombs down. And this jet hit the ground and there was 3 people in that jet and they were alive and well. And people on the ground started running towards this jet and one person started to strangle one of the pilots to death. And I said stop doing that because we are better than that, it is not our place to take a person’s life and that person stop strangling that pilot. And we removed those 3 people from the jet and started to take them to the police and as we were doing this all I saw was buildings and cars and on fire and thousands of people were dead. I saw things that were dead falling from the sky. I could not describe what was falling from the sky but it was dead. The second dream Armies of men from the sky are dropping there are so many of them that they block the sun from shining. They were shooting from the air and killing people all over the place. And once that got to the ground they started to continual to kill people like they were no human. And I heard them speak and say divide them up in 4. Then I was with 2 other people and we were taking a bus to get to our families but they had road blocks everywhere about every two miles or so. We got to this first road block and they stop us in this bus. We ran from the bus somehow they got the two other people because I was by myself at this point. And this is when the Lord said this to me the ENEMY is here. The Lord said do not get to COMFORTABLE.