Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Prophesy Com to Pass. The ordgave me this word last year and again this year. Now They are Coming to pass. Espeicall out Of Africia with ebola Plaguee

 Feb 10th 2014   Ireland ,Italy will Collapse (.Greece has already)  (Africa will rise up  & a Plague will come from them) and it is man made diease saith the lord and will affaect and kill many in the world...London   will be  under attack from Muslim ,Ireland will come to help them with this war). Also When welfare cut off,(Unemployment is next and all Government aid will be cut off)   (Also you will see woman's come in to power more like never before this will surly come to past sayeth the lord)  The weather will continue to get worst will not end .This will be the norm from now on Crazy Server weather.  It will be destruction every where. ( Volcano In USA  and Over seaMassive sayeth the Lord)