Thursday, November 13, 2014

Alert Word From God Nov,13th 2014 Also new fema links last Two @ the bottom of blog Orange links.

Goverment and NASA  are trying to find a way to stop the Asteroid  that is coming ,This is why they try to put that robot on the comet aka Asteroid. They failed and God told me they would. See they dont want to tell the world .Because of Fear it will intel.So they think they can find away to blow it up like in the 1995 movie that had morgan freemon playing a Black USA Persident so to speak. Even in that movie they could not stop it they where able to blow up the 2nd Asteroid  .The really bad   one, it  could have wipe out  half the earth.. However it was stll bad. Just wanted you to know what God share with me be bless and pray.