Friday, November 21, 2014

The Lord told me and I put it on this blog and made a video a while ago and now they say this and Prohecy for Indosenis Keep coming to pass with the Earth QuakePowerful "Strong" earthquake of 6.9 hits Indonesia as Scientist warn Oklahoma City could be hit with "Big One" hl also http://www.staradvertiser.c­om/news/breaking/20141121_strong_quak­e_off_indonesia_pose­s_no_tsunami_threat_­to_hawaii.html also Also @ 9PM TO 11PM EST CALL IN 646-478-4770 HIT ONE TO

 Nov. 22nd 2014 New word Givenn On Radio show Last evening. Idao Earth quake coming a forgein land will have a Massive big earthquake it will cause a tsnumi, And big snow for many places an more snow for upstate New York soon Massive.In Yahweh name