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Friday, January 9, 2015

OHIO and Why Its So Cold In Many places IN The World & Word on The Alien

 OHIO Changes Big ones are coming and in Seattle as well thus sath the lord.They are not good ones much sickness will ancent in the state of Ohio one like never seen a sickness a dieases a virus will spread there like growing grass sath the lord.The reasson why it is cold in place where it is normally not so Cold like here in my state we have wind that will knock your clothes off you that is how bad it is lol. And Icey cold like Alaksa. It has something to do with the harp. See there are different kind of demon from different Glaxyz. They  are coming here to help the Antchirst .With the marking of man the beast sign in Tribulation time. And they think they will be able to go back to there planet when done. However they will be trap here and will war with the Antichirst just like the saints will that are left behind and like we saint's are now warring agaist the Antichirst NWO and there Take over that will come Soon. See these Alien will not have fuel to get back they need  diamond and gold to use for there hi tech space shuttel ship. The Antichirst will see too it they dont have it.Yahweh sath to me it iwll not be vast amounts left for them to use .The Antichirst will hoard it all for that reason. He wants them to die on this planet with man this is his plans and they will battel with him and will die on this planet. Yahweh sath satan does not really want to share this planet with no one put the kingdom in hell with him aka demons. These Alien being are not in hell with satan they are  in other galayz. Remmber the really hot summer we had, had on record the hottest ever and real hot warm winter and no snow winters.That is because there is a set of Demons tressreal Alien. That like Hot  and warm climax  they can only live here temporal that way if not they cannot come here .See there planet is Hot. Then you have the 2nd group that like's extreme cold climax like the polerx cold.Like a lot of nations all over are now going through. This is  Why china got seven feet of snow and Calfornia got  6inches .This is  why God told me and I told you in a word on this blog and video we would see snow and cold like never before and in places we normally dont see it .The Demon tressreal aka Alien are here they can only stay here in extreme vortex cold.This is why I had that visson I posted on this blog yesterday .About Alien abuction occuring God sath to me that is Surely gonna begin soon . So they  are here people so pary to God to make the winter warmer.There is also The Alien demons who been on the earth since the 1950'S .They have adapted to our weather enviroment. So they come and go as they please .However they can not stay a long while they must shape shift back to there orginal self .And go and come back.See Alien demons are different from demon that we cast out of peole. Alien demonsThey are  from a different galxyz crazzzy as it sounds it is true . However it is true.They can prosess man if there is a door way for them to enter into. However they like to eat and torture human more so.They really dont care about living out there desire through us. They just want to eat us  human's and experiment on human race and torture and implant chip and Alien demon technology and inperdnate the human race with there spiece sath the lord. The lord wanted me to tell you this .Because he says we must pray for him to destroy there works and plans and cut them off and destroy them.We wont stop them from the false blue beam gathering aka Rapture that is coming. However if we pray and warn other it will be much less of human's they can fool ,trick and deceive and get and they can come on to Yahweh to be saved to go with him to heaven the human's .The lord sath please pray for me for the thing he tell me. Are really exposing the enemy, work's and the enemy dont like it.Also  one of the train I said would crash out of three one did already however there will be one that will have a huge impact when it blow's up from a bomb or hittng another train like a derailment  .It will mess the train track's up  it will cause pernament delay from now on. This is from the NWO to slow down shippments of resources and food and water and medicnes to get to different place's when the fammine really hits USA and other country. The rail is the best way to get around better than a plane it always has been. And the Nwo knows this. Oh pray against this too saints. Yahweh sath to tell you he does not mean to scare you .However you must now  do this   so you  can pray. Yahweh sath to me to tell you your prayers of the rigtheous availteh much.And he loves you all more than you can ever say you love him Yahweh. sath Yahweh Amen Prophetess Rosalind Solomon