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Monday, January 12, 2015

Word From The Lord jan 12th 2015

Saints the Pope and USA President are the lay liner .Meaning they laying down the work for  the Antichirst. And the flase blue beam Rapture Gathering.  They will come in Space ship they  will  even look like Charroit of Fire coming from the heavens. Like Yahweh will come.They will decive many. The bible sath if they yeild and say Jesu is here in The dessert the bible say do not go for it is not Jesus. This is  me prophetess spreaking I feel the pope will take the mark of the beast and lead catholic and many around the world to  take it too. If not this one maybe the 2nd black pope meaning evil not black skin.                                                                                                                                     Alert from the lord Isreal will be tore and have to sign the treaty and make Paletine a state this will hapen sath the lord. USA will have a big EarthQuake very soon sath the lord you are being warn Americia.                                                                                                                                                       We about to see the migthy hand of God  .So perpare saint.  sathe the lord. God had me place 4  new prayers on are serious prayer for husband wife kids family friend to help get them saved you can pray. Yahweh sath we have to began to do thsi for them because of what is coming saints. So please go see them and pray them soon as you can and as musch as you feel the need to pray.Amen in yahweh name                                                                          Also I left out

DISEASE COMETS FALLING STARS coming Theses Comet will bring Unknown diesase we never seen before on this earth from the comet prayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aginst thi cry out to God.

 the devil aka satan .will with his clone technology will bring religous leaders back to life . This is why God send the angelMicahels to figth him cause satan intened to clone Moses to fool man to belive him The cone Moses to be led away in satan deception and not God. This is crazzy  However this is true. So beware if we still here when this happne.,Satan will clone many bible and non bible clones body with demons spirit Like Apostel Peter  who walk with God. They claim they found his bones. They need thees clonss body to fool snd decive man to take them from God. This is serious peopel They will be mimicing who theses people where when they walk this earth. Yahweh is warning us thsi will happen so if we still here we will know they are not true they are clones of the devil,.They will rise and clone the dead religiou leaders not the living. If they could clone Yahweh they would sath the lord. Satan has every thing line up by the word of God. He has to this is the only way he will be allow to pull this off. Remmeber the decivere si coming First,before Yahweh way so please aints dont be led away by the deciver olies and darkness and death SATAN..You have been warn saints spread this word from God to me Prophetes Rosalind Solomon.