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Sunday, April 19, 2015

NEW PROPHECY!4-19-2015 TheWrath of God Coming to False Prophets across the earth the world the lord saith two prophets cannot prophetize and preach at the same time one must be a False prophet in yahweh name. what he means is the false prophet will no longer speak at the same time as his real truthful prophet the lord is going to destroy all flalse prophet. those who have a ear let them hear repent come on to me thy prophet of satan .i will give you everlasting life. if no repentence you have chosen eternal fire thus saith the lord in Yahweh name

2nd Prophecy when Israel strike s Iran it will begin a war God has saith this three times through this ministry. However when this happen in the future this will light the middle east up in ways no man can foresee saith the lord.. Even Israel will not realize the repercussion until its done and two late.   Israel will act to quickly and fast to defend it self from Iran because they will be able to make nukes which God saith they have made some already and the USA and EM and  President knows this already. Israeli will not tell USA there plans to strike Iran . they will just do it. This .is why USA will not help them USA will  turn there back on them. The lord saith to this ministry  There is a treaty with USA and Israel  about striking other nation with bombs  When Israel  goes against this . The USA does not have  to help them and they will not..saith the lord thy God in Yahweh name. Iran was conquer by Alexzander the Great Iran was once a fierce empire to be reckon with they want it back saith the lord.. Esther  in bible who became  Queen of Persia  aka Iran once saved the true Israelites from being wipe out . Those Jews over there in Israel are not the true Jews remember that. They are not wiping the true Jews out they are wiping out the False Jews and they know it.. God defends  Yah Israel it is the promise land where Yahweh and Truth Jews aka Israelite will Reign. This is why God protects it. Not because of the False Jews. You must understand. That land Israel Is for Yahweh True Israelite  and the Gentiles who come on to Yahweh you must understand this in Yahweh name.