Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Some women struggle with the idea of being submissive to men and lack understanding of who Eve was to Adam; and what the woman was to the man and what the man was to the woman. You see; Eve loved her husband with an undeniable love. Without love we probably wouldn't be here today. Marriage is soo important to both men and women. You become one flesh no longer apart but one flesh, this means that the load that was carried has become much lighter. And you are much stronger to bare heavier burdens.

Nowadays women don't like the taste in their mouth women you say you must let the man work ahead and let the man be leader. The women who don't understand these thing, have two types of spirits working in them, the Jezebel and a very pronounced spirit of pride. These two factors prevent the woman from understanding their unique role as a mother. And because some men who encourage this behavior, women now think they are subservient and lesser to men. But I have to say this was Eve a servant to Adam in the garden? 

The role of a woman and a wife is a humbling role here on Earth, a unique role that no one not man can fill. Only women can fill the roles they were born in. Yet we have woman leaving their unique roles that men cant fill for the roles of men? Which are already taken.