Monday, June 22, 2015


This is in my Spirit as I write this because things are about to break for the ones that have been praying and seeking and asking the Lord for their breakthroughs.
And the breakthroughs are great releases of finances you think you are going to lose your home and your car but your not the Lord is about to do a great things for you and others in this area. In fact people are about to get out of debt and be able to give more than they have ever done before. When the Lord does s...omething it will be done greater than before.Job 8:7 Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.
Healing's that only the Lord can do and I am talking about things you can and will see with your eyes Cancer will be gone because the Lord will take that from your body and even the ones you been praying for because man cannot heal you from cancer.And even people will walk out of their death bed that the doctor said I cannot do no more and the Lord said that's when I show up. People are going to walk out of wheelchairs, Infirmities are going to leave your bodies and you will fill it as it goes out of your body. Anyone of you can call me what ever you want but Limbs are about to grow back yes limbs.legs,arms, hands, fingers, toes and teeth. and internal organs as well. My wife will receive her spleen that was taken from her about 11 years ago. And as well married women that cannot conceive will conceive a child because the Lord is about to touch your womb. And addictions are about to be cast out of your body. People that have been depressed for years that depression will be gone.People with disorders it will cast out.
And salvation's that you been asking the Lord for years are coming.
And people that are not being used in their Home church is about is about to end because the Glory of the Lord is about to fall on some churches.
Some of you doubt because what you see in the world and this America and in your own lives. BUT GOD says who do you trust this world or what I the Lord have in my hands for you.
And the last thing the Lord has told me to live in His NORMALCY not mine